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Common Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents in the Bay Area

Accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles often involved specific kinds of negligence on the part of motorists.While motorcycle riders often contend with cars and trucks changing lanes without signaling or looking first, bicyclists are particularly vulnerable at intersections.

Drivers who do not slow down sufficiently or see a motorcycle rider or cyclist often claim, "they just came out of no where." As bikers and cyclists ourselves, the personal injury attorneys at Choulos Choulos & Wyle have first-hand experience of the kinds of negligence, recklessness, and inattention drivers are guilty of on the road.

Motorcycle and Bike Accident Attorneys

With a team of investigators and medical experts, our law office knows how to expose accountable. carelessness and hold negligent motorists Contact the San Francisco bike accident attorneys at Choulos Choulos & Wyle.

Accidents that Happen when Motorists Fail to Pay Attention

CCW-George-bikeThe personal injury attorneys at Choulos Choulos & Wyle represent motorcyclists and bicyclists injured when motorists:

  • Opened a car door without looking
  • Ran a stop sign
  • Failed to yield
  • Rear-ended a cycle
  • Recklessly changed lanes
  • Broadsided a cyclist in a left hand turn or a right hand turn across a bike lane

We also represent injured bikers in cases involving:

Determining the Cause of a Bike Accident

Our lawyers work closely with accident reconstruction experts to investigate motorcycle and bicycle accidents to determine the real cause. Motorists usually claim they are not at fault. We investigate both the accident scene and the bikers’ injuries to determine the speed the vehicle was traveling, when the driver applied their brakes – if at all – and whether or not the driver ran through a stop sign or intersection.

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We have the legal knowledge and expert witness resources needed to investigate accidents and hold reckless drivers responsible for the injuries they cause. Call 415-432-7292 or toll-free 877-702-7800 to speak with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer at Choulos Choulos & Wyle today.


Motorcycle vs. Tanker Truck Accident

Truck crosses double yellow line resulting in multiple fractures.
Jury Verdict: $4,700,000 minus 25% comparative fault

Doug L. vs. Negligent Van Driver

Van makes U turn across entire road causing multiple fractures and several surgeries.
Settlement $2,300,000.00

Client vs. Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer and local dealer

Product liability, negligent dealer assembly resulting in leg amputation below knew.
Settlement: $1,345,000

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