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“Accountability is the Key: Only if we make wrongdoers accountable for their actions can we discourage bad behavior.”

At Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle, we have earned an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Because we are a small, specialized firm, our clients receive personal attention at the partnership level backed by professional support services. This is the primary reason we can maintain an exemplary level of service and competence for our clients. To this end, our firm also maintains an extensive national and international referral system.

You will feel comfortable receiving personalized attention in our Financial District office at the corner of California and Sansome Streets in San Francisco. The cable car stops at our front door. BART is a couple of blocks away. We are easily accessible by all types of public transportation. You will also know that you are in the best hands when it comes to your injury claim. Check out a sampling of some of the successful results we have obtained for thousands of deserving clients.

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Wrongful Death | Brain Injury | Bicycle Accidents | Motorcycle Accidents | Truck Accidents | Premises Liability

Automobile, Truck, Big-Rig, Bus, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian Accidents

  • Da Silva vs Thompson Harvey Transportation Inc. Trucking Company
    Motorcycle vs Tanker Truck Accident
    Multiple Fractures caused to motorcyclist by truck driver who crossed the double yellow line.
    Jury Verdict $4,700,000, minus 25% comparative fault
  • Pan v Private Bus Company Bicycle/Bus Accident Wrongful Death – $1,000,000 settlement
  • Guterman v Private Bus Company Wrongful Death of Husband and Father in Bus Accident – $4,200,000 Settlement
  • Vossler v Big car Rental Company Defective Rental Car Wrongful Death Car Accident – $1,375,000 Settlement
  • Villagomez v Tow Truck Company Fatal Truck Crash Wrongful Death Policy Limits Settlement – $545,000
  • Martin v Big Rig Truck vs. Pedestrian Accident Loss of Leg Settlement – $1,000,000
  • Bryzana vs. Meyer (car vs. bicycle accident) head injuries and fractures – $3,500,000
  • Ramirez v State of California (dangerous highway off-ramp) Settlement for spinal injuries, paralysis – $2,800,000
  • Woman Run Off Road By Big Rig (big rig v auto accident, product liability, crashworthiness, product liability) Settlement for spinal injuries for policy limits of trucker, plus crashworthiness against auto manufacturer, for fractures, paralysis – $2,500,000
  • Coufal v Western Building (construction truck vs. passenger van) Construction Truck Runs Red Light – Causes Brain Damage – $2,030,000
  • Kaplan v. City and County of San Francisco (San Francisco Muni bus v pedestrian) jury verdict for brain injuries – $1,900,000
  • Cruz O. v Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer and local dealer (motorcycle product liability, negligent dealer assembly and prep of new bike, negligent telephone pole placement) below knee leg amputation – $1,345,000
  • Burbank v X (commercial truck vs. pick up truck). Big Rig Drops Load Onto Oncoming Pick-Up – Back Injuries, including low back disc – $1,300,000
  • Thurston vs. City and County of San Francisco (San Francisco municipal bus vs. bicycle crash) pelvic fractures, impotence – $1,300,000
  • Gee v UC Hospital (medical malpractice), brain injuries – $1,400,000 present value.
  • Edwins v. Pittsburg City (Police Misconduct / Reckless Driving) leg fractures – $1,000,000
  • Lim v. X Company (product liability jury verdict) – eye injury, blindness to one eye – $910,000
  • Berg v. State of California (single motorcycle accident – dangerous freeway shoulder) head injuries – $900,000
  • Vayner v Sanhuezo (Auto Collision) back injury jury verdict in San Francisco – $775,000
  • Payne v. State of California (defective, flooded freeway, pedestrian injuries) fractured hip – $775,000
  • Galsote v. Budget (rollover mini-van crash) multiple injuries to passenger – $660,000
  • Root v. Flores (commercial truck v. commercial van crash) back injuries, low back disc, with fusion – $650,000
  • Howerton v. Yellow Cab (taxi cab v. passenger), rib fractures – $525,000
  • Sagredos v. City & County of San Francisco (San Francisco Municipal Railway Bus v. auto crash), cervical disc, fusion – $525,000
  • Tsinker v. AHMAD QASEM
    Pedestrian struck by SUV jury verdict – $515,000
  • Liu v. Castle and Cooke (single vehicle accident – dangerous golf course roadway) – $500,000
  • Martin v. County of Napa (single motorcycle accident – dangerous country road), injuries to leg – $400,000
  • Springer v. Vector (commercial truck v. bicycle crash). Commercial Truck Makes Unsafe Right Turn – Runs over Bicyclist, pelvic injuries – $400,000
  • Koontz v. City and County of San Francisco (dangerous intersection – auto), injuries to polio person – $375,000
  • Kelly v. City and County of San Francisco (dangerous intersection – pedestrians) fractured leg – $250,000
  • Kelly v. X Company (products liability, tent) – $250,000
  • Smith v. Razor Scooter (products liability, scooter) head injuries – $250,000
  • Divak v. UPS (jury verdict commercial truck vs. auto crash) arm injuries – $225,000
  • Tran v. Ulrich (motorcycle vs. auto accident) – $225,000
  • Birenbaum (dangerous bicycle path / bicycle crash) hip injuries – $200,000
  • Wont v. Ruiz (auto vs. motorcycle crash), shoulder surgery – $200,000
  • Roytman v X Arco (dangerous gas station- pedestrian injuries), fractures – $200,000
  • Thibodeaux v X (SUV vs auto accident) knee surgery – $145,000
  • Fraley v. Buckboard Catering Commercial Van (auto) serious strains and sprains, – $135,000
  • Parrot v. Car Rental Agency – $120,000
  • Alvarez v X (auto accident jury verdict) neck and back injuries – $120,000
  • Mc Daniels v X (auto vs. motorcycle accident) foot injuries – $120,000
  • Chan v. Andrews (auto v. motorcycle crash) knee injuries – $110,000 (policy limits plus)
  • Hong v. Tonumura (airbag injuries – passenger) airbag fractured arm – $100,000
  • Anderson v. Bicycle Manufacturer, Broken Handlebar, Product Liability – $90,000
  • Multiple Vehicular Cases – $55,000,000
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Sexual Harassment Cases Confidential Client Settlements

  • $2.5 million

Dangerous Premises Cases, slip and fall, fires, smoke detectors

  • Davenport v. X Company (faulty smoke detector/fire related case) burns to child – $850,000
  • Castellanos v X (inadequate deck railing, fractures, injuries to child) – $500,000 policy limits
  • Smith-Harper v. Chuon (defective gate, injuries to child) – $300,000
  • Ellis v. Oakland Housing Authority (inadequate smoke detector, injuries to child) – $160,000
  • Pan v X (pit-bull attack to child) – $145,000
  • Davidovich v X (dog bite to child) – $100,000
  • Multiples premises liability cases – $5 million

Workplace injuries, Elevators, Hydraulic Lifts, Electrical, Electrocution Injuries, Collapsing Scaffold, Faulty Nail Guns

  • Multiple Injury Cases – $5 million
  • Traumatic Head Injuries Multiple Injury Cases – $10 million
  • Sport Injuries / Trampoline Multiple Sport Injury Cases – $2 million

Highway Design / Hazardous Roadways / Earthquakes

  • Ramirez vs. State of California – $2.8 million
  • Buck Helm vs. State of California – $1.5 million
  • Berg vs. State of California – $900,000
  • Payne vs. State of California – $775,000
  • Liu v Castle and Cooke (dangerous golf course roadway) – $500,000
  • Martin vs. County of Napa – $400,000
  • Davis vs. State of California – $400,000
  • Koontz vs. City & County of San Francisco – $375,000
  • Birenbaum v State of California – $200,000
  • Multiple Injury and death cases from collapsing Cypress Freeway, Loma Prieta Earthquake – $2 million
  • Multiple Injury Cases – $2 million

Aircraft / Military Aircraft / Helicopter / Military Ejection Seats Military Aircraft

  • Death cases including German, Italian, Japanese, Belgian and Greek widows of deceased military Aviators
    Private Aircraft – $10.5 million
  • Multiple Injury and death Cases – $20 million
  • Commercial Aircraft Multiple death and injury cases arising at the Lod Airport massacre in Tel Aviv, Israel – $4.5 million
  • Multiple death and injury cases from Commercial aircraft – $3 million

Will Contests

  • Multiple Cases – $3.5 million

Employment / Wrongful Discharge

  • Multiple Cases – $2 million

Medical Malpractice / Cancer Misdiagnosis / Obstetric Injury / Birth Injury Cases

  • Gee vs. USF – $1.4 million
  • Multiple medical malpractice injury cases – $6 million

Defective Medical Devices

  • Dalkon Shield intrauterine devices – $750,000
  • Silicon breast implants – $3 million
  • Shiley Heart valves – $650,000
  • Hip prosthesis – $350,000
  • Diet Drugs – $650,000

Fire related Loss/Defective Smoke Alarms/Personal Injury Burn Cases

  • Multiple Cases – $2 million

Maritime Personal Injury Cases

  • Multiple Cases – $3.5 million

Railroad Personal Injury Cases

  • Multiple Cases – $2 million

Flood Litigation

  • Multiple Cases involving Isleton flood disaster – $2.5 million


Client vs. Private Bus Company

Wrongful Death of Husband and
Father in Bus Accident
Settlement: $4,200,000

Client vs. State of California

Dangerous highway off -ramp resulting
in spinal injuries and paralysis
Settel ment: $2.800,000

Client vs. Western Building

Construction truck runs red light,
hits pedestrian and causes Brain Damage
Settlement: $2.030,000

Client vs. Tow Truck Company

Fatal truck crash, wrongful death
policy limits
Settlement $545,000