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San Francisco Auto Manufacturer Defects Lawyer

Some auto parts and components fail without serious consequences, and we simply get them replaced. Others fail at pivotal times when people most need them to perform, causing catastrophic accidents or allowing severe, life-changing outcomes that could have been prevented by an automaker that upheld its duty to prioritize driver and passenger safety above profits.

Our respected Northern California law firm maintains a longstanding commitment to seeking justice and maximum compensation for victims of auto defects and manufacturer negligence.

For decades, we have been standing up for individuals and families victimized by big-company negligence. Our team of San Francisco auto manufacturer defects attorneys stand ready to investigate your car, trucking or other accident case and take action for you.

Knowledge and Resources to Prove Auto Product Liability

We are respected by other Bay Area lawyers and appreciated by our past clients for our diligence in motor vehicle accident investigation. You can count on us to look at all angles, enlisting qualified experts as necessary and determine whether you have a valid case based on:

  • Tire defects that can lead to tread separation, loss of driver control and a collision or rollover
  • Failures by car, van and SUV designers and manufacturers to meet critical standards for stability and vehicle crashworthiness
  • Faulty airbags, seat belts and seat backs that fail to fulfill their intended function in a crash
  • Defective door latches that fail and allow passenger or driver ejection in a crash
  • Fuel line and gas tank design issues that cause explosions and vehicle fires
  • Any other serious, identifiable defect in vehicle design or manufacture

Our legal team and the resources we call upon know what to look for after a major car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle accident — as demonstrated by case successes such as a $2.5million recovery for a woman through claims against both a negligent truck driver and the manufacturer of a vehicle that provided inadequate crashworthiness.

Turn to Skilled Advocates for Safe Vehicles and Roadways: 877-702-7800

We adamantly believe anyone who is seriously injured or tragically loses a family member in a motor vehicle accident has a right to answers and aggressive legal representation.

Oakland Brake Failure Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured or lost a family member in an auto accident, you can contact us to initiate an investigation and assess your likelihood of success with a lawsuit. We are here to help, beginning with a free consultation focused on your needs and legal options for getting the financial compensation you deserve.


Client vs. City and County of San Francisco

(San Francisco Muni bus v pedestrian) jury verdict for brain injuries
Settlement: $1,900,000

Martin vs. Big Rig Truck vs. Pedestrian Accident

Loss of Leg Settlement
Settlement: $1,000,000

Client vs. UC Hospital

(medical malpractice), brain injuries
$1,400,000 present value

Client vs. X Company

(product liability jury verdict) - eye injury, blindness to one eye
Settlement: $910,000