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But There Was a Witness! At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, we know that witnesses can be very unreliable, especially when it comes to motorcycle/bicycle accidents. Other drivers are often hostile to bikers/bicyclists, which can influence how they view an accident.

As bikers ourselves, we understand the unique dynamics of motorcycles/bicycles. When we listen to a witness describing a case, we understand when events simply couldn't be what they were describing. By pointing out the problems with hostile witness statements, we eliminate the credibility of their testimony.

Bikers Hurt in Left Turn Collisions

Because car drivers are frequently not paying enough attention to the traffic around them, a left turn collision with a bicycle or motorcycle is all too common. In a typical case, a motorcycle/bike is traveling east and a car is traveling west; the car makes a left turn directly into the motorcyclist’s/bicyclist’s pat and hits them.

It’s inevitable that the biker and/or his passenger will suffer a serious injury, such as a broken leg, a crushed foot, or a brain injury after being thrown from the bike.

Sadly, it’s also almost inevitable that the insurance company lawyer, or the car or truck driver at fault, will try to blame the injured motorcyclist/bicyclist/biker in some way for having contributed to the accident.

Speeding: “He was speeding,” the car driver says, as if that excuses him or her for cutting in front of the biker/motorcyclist/bicyclist. Motorists often confuse the louder sound of a biker with excessive speed, but it’s certainly one of the things an injury attorneys is going to look at when investigating a motorcycle accident case.

Was the motorcyclist/bicyclist driving in a reasonable manner and at the correct speed when he or she entered the intersection? It is important for a motorcyclist/bicyclist to drive defensively (“be paranoid”) to protect themselves on the roadway. That’s what will matter in proving the case.

Who Saw What? “He could see I was trying to make a left hand turn,” the driver will say. If the biker did not take reasonable steps to avoid the collision, it could be comparative negligence.

Was the auto driver really looking? If they saw the motorcycle/bicycle, why didn’t they yield the right of way? Would they have stopped for a car or truck? They certainly didn’t stop for a bike.

Proving the Real Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

We work closely with accident reconstruction experts to determine the real causes of serious or fatal motorcycle crashes. We investigate both the accident scene and the types of injuries. We have the legal knowledge and expert witness resources needed to investigate accidents and hold reckless drivers responsible for the injuries they cause.

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Motorcycle vs. Tanker Truck Accident

Truck crosses double yellow line resulting in multiple fractures.
Jury Verdict: $4,700,000 minus 25% comparative fault

Doug L. vs. Negligent Van Driver

Van makes U turn across entire road causing multiple fractures and several surgeries.
Settlement $2,300,000.00

Client vs. Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer and local dealer

Product liability, negligent dealer assembly resulting in leg amputation below knew.
Settlement: $1,345,000