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San Francisco Motorcycle Defects Lawyer

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, you will find a team of senior attorney and a dedicated professional staff that actively champion motorcycle safety. As lawyers with a passion for bikes and the open road, we take any possibility that a motorcycle manufacturing defect, faulty component or bad repairs caused a crash very seriously. On top of our longstanding commitment to holding drivers accountable for negligence on the road, we are dedicated to identifying and proving manufacturer negligence when a bike fails because some company or individual cut corners on safety.

Nailing Down Accident Causes and Holding Motorcycle Companies Accountable

We always ask our clients to describe everything they can remember about a motorcycle accident. In many cases, we also bring in established experts from our nationwide network to reconstruct and analyze critical aspects of the crash.

Bay Area Manufacturer Defect Attorney

If your suspicions or evidence at the scene Georgeonbikeindicates your bike failed in some way, we will take that possibility seriously and get to the truth. Under California products liability law, you may be able to take action against a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or repair facility. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages or support, pain and suffering and other damages you suffered because of defects such as:

  • Defective motorcycle tires
  • Brake failures or drive train failures
  • Bad frame welds or other structural failures
  • Improper repairs to your bike
  • Helmet or other safety equipment defects

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We count on our bikes to perform reliably, recognizing that there are many other roadway challenges we cannot control. When a manufacturer puts profit above safety, we are determined to make them pay for that choice.

To work closely with a San Francisco motorcycle defect lawyer determined to isolate what caused your crash and take decisive action on your behalf, contact us today at Choulos Choulos & Wyle in San Francisco.


Motorcycle vs. Tanker Truck Accident

Truck crosses double yellow line resulting in multiple fractures.
Jury Verdict: $4,700,000 minus 25% comparative fault

Doug L. vs. Negligent Van Driver

Van makes U turn across entire road causing multiple fractures and several surgeries.
Settlement $2,300,000.00

Client vs. Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer and local dealer

Product liability, negligent dealer assembly resulting in leg amputation below knew.
Settlement: $1,345,000