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San Francisco Accident & Injury Law Firm

Location: San Francisco, California Phone: 415-432-7292 Toll-Free: 877-702-7800 Fax: 415-474-0734 Our San Francisco accident lawyers, George V. Choulos and Claude Wyle, apply more than 50 years of combined experience helping people through traumatic times with personal, caring attention and passionate, skilled legal advocacy. We are here to help you in every way we can after a car accident, motorcycle crash, bicycle or pedestrian accident, or another type of injury-causing event impacts your life.

San Francisco Accident Attorneys Providing Personal Attention to Your Needs and Your Case

Suffering serious or severe injuries or living with a family member who has suffered serious personal injuries in an accident can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Serious injuries create serious stress, and, when someone is severely injured or has experienced a life-changing injury or disability, an accident lawyer in San Francisco can help to relieve that stress by explaining your options, and dealing with claims adjusters and bill collectors, and allowing you to concentrate on healing and recovering. Growing up around my partner George Choulos’ father Vasilios Choulos, we witnessed first-hand Vasilios’ dedication to representing and fighting for the little guy. That same commitment to aggressively representing those injured by others is embedded in both partners as we continue George’s father’s work and lead the firm today.

We are experienced injury and accident attorneys who still have as much horsepower, energy, enthusiasm, dedication and devotion as when we were younger—maybe even more so now.

We take cases we believe in and aim to serve client needs first and foremost.

Advantages of Seeking Help from a Small Focused Law Firm in San Francisco

Since we’re a small focused team, we consider ourselves more of a boutique-style firm, not like a large department store type firm, and we are selective about the cases to which we commit. We like to help those who have the greatest needs and who require the most help, even if those cases are difficult or more challenging. Because we do not accept every case that comes in the door, we can fully dedicate our resources to those clients whom we do represent, assuring the best results for each individual client.

The size and experience of our law firm in San Francisco also allows us to give each client the personal attention and service he or she deserves. Our clients aren’t sent to lower-level associates; instead, the partners spend a lot of time working directly with clients. Our size enables us to focus on the quality, not quantity, of cases. This allows us to develop personal relationships with each client and we invest a lot of resources towards assuring the success of each case.

We’re compassionate and personal on a client level, aggressive with opponents on a litigation level.

More About our San Francisco Accident Lawyer Team

  • We’re not afraid to take on difficult cases; we won’t shy away from a challenge. We are skilled and have the resources and the commitment to helping our clients succeed often when they are most challenged in life.
  • We’re dedicated and have a high level of enthusiasm always working hard to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.
  • Our staff is equally invested in getting the best possible results for each individual client.
  • We believe in accountability and that accountability makes people safer. This is part of what drives us to do the work we love.
  • Living up to our reputation as tenacious fighters and creative trial lawyers is important; we’ll turn over every stone possible in every case and invest the resources needed to assure our clients’ success.
  • We always offer a free initial consultation. and we explain a potential client’s options in a direct transparent way. We are often able to offer direction on cases, even those we don’t accept, helping the person in need get on the right track.

The personal and direct service we provide clients is an integral part of our firm because we value strong relationships with every client we represent. This approach allows us to better understand our clients’ needs and get the best results suited to their situations.

Our San Francisco accident lawyer team believes that our relationships with other lawyers, judges, and legal professionals, as well as with many in the medical community, are vitally important. We maintain these relationships through networking, working together on cases, mentoring younger lawyers, helping older lawyers with their cases, and maintaining an exemplary level of professionalism and integrity in everything we do.

Why Choosing a San Francisco Accident Attorney is Important?

We strongly believe in continuing our education to stay current and on the cutting edge—being up to date on the latest trends in law and medicine and in advanced trial practice. This mindset helps us to continually grow professionally and ultimately benefits our clients because of the skills we consistently develop and refine. Our values and work ethic appeal to more traditional clients, and our cutting edge skills and creativity and innovation appeals to younger clients as well. Hiring a San Francisco accident attorney is so important, and will benefit your case immensely.

If you need a proven San Francisco accident lawyer with a proven track record of maximizing their client’s settlements, please contact us at Choulos, Choulos & Wyle for your free case evaluation by calling 415-432-7292 or toll free 877-702-7800 today.