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Dangerous Roads for Motorcycles

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, we consider all factors and angles in evaluating our CCW Partner, George Choulosmotorcycle accident cases. As attorneys who ride motorcycles and actively support the motorcycle community, we know that even a single-bike crash often has an explanation other than the biker's sudden loss of control.

TOur senior attorneys' advocacy for survivors of all types of motor vehicle accidents has shown that many roads that are reasonably safe for cars are dangerous for motorcycles. Other roadways have defects that make them dangerous for any vehicle when the wrong combination of weather, traffic or other factors come together.

Our lawyers have been advocating aggressively for injured motorcyclists and grieving families impacted by wrongful death for decades, and we want to help you any way we can.

A History of Success in Complex Motorcycle Accident Litigation

GeorgeonbikeOur law firm’s thousands of sizable recoveries for injury victims have included numerous cases involving dangerous Bay Area roadways, such as:

  • A $900,000 recovery from the state of California for a motorcyclist who suffered head injuries in a solo crash caused by a dangerous shoulder on the freeway
  • A $400,000 recovery for a motorcyclist with leg injuries from a crash on a dangerous country road in Napa County

Does Your Situation Justify a Lawsuit Against the State or County?

Every highway, county road and street in Northern California is unique in some way. Sadly, it often takes a serious accident to expose negligence in road design or maintenance. Some of the types of defective conditions that can justify action against the state, county or other entity responsible for road maintenance include:

  • Dangerous or inadequately marked road construction zones
  • Unmarked holes, bumps and other serious defects in the roadway
  • Highway signs and signals hidden by overgrown vegetation
  • Missing or damaged guardrails on elevated freeways and bridges
  • Malfunctioning railroad crossings
  • Roads that flood, pool or become dangerously slippery during rainfall

Oakland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether you collided with a car or truck, or a dangerous road condition caused you to lose control and wreck your motorcycle, we will provide a free case evaluation. Our firm is known for a fierce, longstanding commitment to helping motorcycle accident victims and, in the process, making our roadways safer for all.


Motorcycle vs. Tanker Truck Accident

Truck crosses double yellow line resulting in multiple fractures.
Jury Verdict: $4,700,000 minus 25% comparative fault

Doug L. vs. Negligent Van Driver

Van makes U turn across entire road causing multiple fractures and several surgeries.
Settlement $2,300,000.00

Client vs. Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer and local dealer

Product liability, negligent dealer assembly resulting in leg amputation below knew.
Settlement: $1,345,000