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San Francisco Bicycle Defect Attorney

The great majority of bicycle accidents are caused by someone's lapse in judgment or attention — a driver's failure to look and yield before turning, for example. However, we have also seen many situations when a serious problem with the bike itself played a critical part in causing the accident or worsening the outcome.

We know firsthand that Bay Area bicyclists form a passionate community, unified around issues of bike performance and safe riding, and we are proud to be part of that community.

After an injury-causing or fatal bicycle accident, you can count on our attorneys to consider every angle on your case, including any evidence that a bicycle design or manufacturing defect played a critical part in what happened.

Recognition and Thorough Analysis of Bicycle Failures

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, our San Francisco bicycle defect lawyers go the distance to determine causes and liability in bicycle accident cases. Our own experience as active cyclists who understand how bikes are built and how they perform is invaluable, and we also have ready access to a nationwide network of engineers and other relevant experts.

On a basic level, two key issues in products liability law must be considered if we suspect the bike itself or a critical component of the bike failed:

  • Was the accident caused or seriously worsened by a manufacturing defect — such as the use of a weak alloy or compromised carbon fiber material that allowed the frame to break?
  • Was the bike fundamentally flawed in its design, creating an inherent safety risk for the rider?

San Jose Manufacturer Defect Attorney

Improper assembly or a failure to warn of known dangers are other possible avenues to pursue in such cases, which may also involve a cracked fork, snapped pedals, brake malfunction or other serious issues with the bike. You deserve the truth, and others in the bicycle community deserve protection from risks caused by manufacturers who cut corners in making and delivering products their customers trust with their safety.
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After a Bay Area bicycle accident caused by a person’s or a company’s negligence, your recovery and future may depend on the knowledge of the attorney you choose. To work personally with a lawyer who has extensive experience in both driver negligence and products liability litigation, please contact our firm today.


Bicyclist vs. Negligent Driver

Car vs. bicycle: serious accident resulting in permanent brain injuries and fractures

In Contra Costa County a negligent driver drove into a bicycle path and struck our client Mr. B while Mr. B. was riding home from the dry cleaners. As a result of the careless driver's conduct, Mr. B. suffered traumatic brain injuries and multiple fractures. The negligent driver also struck a telephone pole and was killed in the crash. The lawyer for the motorist who hit our client claimed that the motorist had suffered a sudden heart attack before losing control and that he was not liable thereby. We were able to prove that the heart attack happened after the driver hit our bicyclist, and the driver's estate was made accountable for the catastrophic injuries to Mr. B.
Settlement: $3,500,000
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Client vs. City and County of San Francisco

San Francisco municipal bus and bicycle crash causing pelvic fractures, impotence.
Settlement: $1,300,000
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Client vs. Private Bus Company

Bicycle/bus accident resulting in wrongful death
Settlement: $1,000,000
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Client vs. Vector

Commercial Truck Makes Unsafe Right Turn - Runs over Bicyclist, pelvic injuries
Settlement: $400,000
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