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San Francisco Bicycle Accident FAQs

While serious bicyclists are well aware of safety risks and constantly alert for hazards, no one goes on a ride expecting to be injured in a crash. After a motor vehicle hits someone on a bike, sometimes the priority is critical and obvious: get emergency medical attention for all who need it. In other cases you may be faced with decisions that are very important to protecting your insurance claim or potential lawsuit.

Bike Accident Guidance From Our Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

Our experienced Bay Area bicycle accident lawyers’ affinity with the bicycle community is a key asset for the clients we represent. We know the law, the rules of the road, and how to investigate a bike accident to determine fault and liability. You can always contact us with your questions, but here are a few we hear often:

What Are the Most Important Things to Do After a Bicycle Accident?

First, whatever your involvement, stop on the scene and seek medical attention for anyone who has been hurt — including yourself. Fulfill your lawful obligation by cooperating with police, but take care not to admit any possible fault or traffic violation (as in, “I’m not sure if I looked before riding into the intersection”) to anyone. Definitely avoid giving a statement to an insurance adjuster without first consulting a personal injury lawyer.

What If I Am Sore But Believe My Injuries Aren’t Serious?

Please do not underestimate a sore knee, injured back, or any type of head trauma. We have worked with many clients whose injuries turned out to be more severe than they initially thought, leading to costly medical expenses and missed work. Play it safe with your own health — and with your right to compensation.

What If A Problem With My Bike Factored Into the Accident?

A cracked frame, twisted or broken fork, brake failure or other unusual outcome involving your bicycle may justify legal action against the manufacturer. Our respected San Francisco firm has extensive experience analyzing possible bike manufacturing and design defects, and we have succeeded with a wide range of products liability claims.

How Much Will It Cost for a Lawyer to Represent Me?

There are no up-front fees when you turn to our lawyers for a case evaluation. We focus on serious injury and wrongful death claims and will be honest with you if we cannot take your case. If we are able to represent you, we charge attorney fees only if and when you receive compensation via settlement or a verdict at trial.


Bicyclist vs. Negligent Driver

Car vs. bicycle: serious accident resulting in permanent brain injuries and fractures

In Contra Costa County a negligent driver drove into a bicycle path and struck our client Mr. B while Mr. B. was riding home from the dry cleaners. As a result of the careless driver's conduct, Mr. B. suffered traumatic brain injuries and multiple fractures. The negligent driver also struck a telephone pole and was killed in the crash. The lawyer for the motorist who hit our client claimed that the motorist had suffered a sudden heart attack before losing control and that he was not liable thereby. We were able to prove that the heart attack happened after the driver hit our bicyclist, and the driver's estate was made accountable for the catastrophic injuries to Mr. B.
Settlement: $3,500,000
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Client vs. City and County of San Francisco

San Francisco municipal bus and bicycle crash causing pelvic fractures, impotence.
Settlement: $1,300,000
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Client vs. Private Bus Company

Bicycle/bus accident resulting in wrongful death
Settlement: $1,000,000
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Client vs. Vector

Commercial Truck Makes Unsafe Right Turn - Runs over Bicyclist, pelvic injuries
Settlement: $400,000
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