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Investigating Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

During the course of investigating motorcycle and bicycle accidents and litigating a personal injury case, a lot of stories get told about how the accident and injury occurred. Some of those stories are meant to blame the injured biker.

Some of those stories are meant to absolve the driver and insurance company from liability.

San Francisco Bike Accident Attorneys


Some of those stories simply aren’t true.

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle we know how to read between the lines. We understand when the “facts” just don’t add up. We know because we’re bikers ourselves.

We ride motorcycles and we understand the dynamics of motorcycles, motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents. We believe this gives us an edge in tackling motorcycle/bicycle accident injury cases.

  • When we review the witness statements, we see not only what’s there, but also what might be missing from their account. We send our own investigators to get the real story and we know how to cross examine witnesses to expose the real truth.
  • When we look at the medical records, we can see not only the injury, but also the likely causes of the injury.
  • We know how to analyze a police report and how to determine the gaps and errors in the police investigation. Our own accident investigation and reconstruction is aimed at successfully filling those gaps and combating the errors in the police reports. While many insurance companies look at the police report as the final word on fault, our experienced motorcycle and bicycle attorney regard the report as a starting point for our own fact finding.

We carefully investigate every motorcycle accident and bicycle accident case we handle. We work with skilled accident reconstructionists so we can prepare strong, understandable exhibits for trial so that our biker clients win.

Preserving the Evidence is Vital to Proving Your Case

The accident survivor or family members have an important role to play in helping with the motorcycle or bike accident investigation.

  • The first step is to call an injury lawyer as soon as possible so that someone is working on your case right away. Roadways get cleaned up and evidence gets lost. We want to get our investigator on the scene as soon as possible.
  • Preserving the evidence will be critically important to the investigator. We encourage family members to put the motorcycle or bicycle into storage so our investigator can examine it.

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If a lawyer is going to tell the jury or the insurance company the story of your accident, be sure it’s the full story and the right story. Contact the San Francisco law office of Choulos Choulos & Wyle to talk with one of our experienced biker accident lawyers. Call 415-432-7292 or toll-free 877-702-7800.


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