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San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer

Children are especially vulnerable to dog bites, but a serious animal attack can be a traumatic, life-threatening or work-ending event for any survivor. Although horrific and fatal attacks by pit bulls and other known dangerous breeds are the only dog bite cases that typically receive media attention, the reality is that almost any dog can bite and cause permanent harm.

At Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle, our San Francisco dog bite attorney are here with caring legal counsel and aggressive representation for people seriously injured by others' pets or guard dogs.

If you or a family member has been attacked, we encourage you to get qualified legal counsel as soon as possible to evaluate your case.

Learn the Truth About Dog Bite Laws and Lawsuits

Many people make outdated and incorrect assumptions about California dog bite law. Important considerations to keep in mind include:

  • A legal concept known as “strict liability” applies in most dog bite cases — meaning, in part, that your ability to recover compensation does not depend on whether the dog has bitten a person before or on your attorney’s ability to prove owner negligence.
  • Precisely where a dog attack occurred may not matter, as long as you were lawfully on the property. Many high-value recoveries have been won for people bitten on public property, their own property or while serving as a mail carrier or providing another type of service with the owner’s consent.
  • Available compensation will depend on many factors, ranging from the extent of your physical injuries to available homeowners or other insurance coverage. You can depend on our experienced lawyers to take your case seriously and provide an honest evaluation of your likelihood of success with a personal injury claim or lawsuit.
  • Dog bites are not the only basis for valid animal attack claims. People who suffer serious injuries or fatal outcomes trying to break up a dogfight or flee attacking dogs may also have valid cases.

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Every dog bite or animal attack case is unique. If you, your child or another family member has been seriously hurt and you want reliable information on your legal options, please contact our firm today. We offer a free consultation and representation on a “no attorney fee if we make no recovery” basis if we believe you have a legally valid, serious claim.


Client vs. City and County of San Francisco

(San Francisco Muni bus v pedestrian) jury verdict for brain injuries
Settlement: $1,900,000

Martin vs. Big Rig Truck vs. Pedestrian Accident

Loss of Leg Settlement
Settlement: $1,000,000

Client vs. UC Hospital

(medical malpractice), brain injuries
$1,400,000 present value

Client vs. X Company

(product liability jury verdict) - eye injury, blindness to one eye
Settlement: $910,000