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At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, our experienced personal injury attorneys provide aggressive representation to individuals who have suffered serious lacerations or road rash from a motorcycle, car or other type of accident. We help clients understand their rights after a personal injury. We can help you pursue compensation for the losses you have suffered. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Severity of Lacerations

The severity of a laceration sustained in an accident dictates the extent of the care required. Many types of cuts, including facial lacerations, may require additional care, such as reconstructive surgery to minimizing scarring and physical discomfort. Some lacerations may involve multiple surgeries, often for the purpose of scar revision. Deep lacerations go right through skin and can cut muscles, tendons and ligaments, necessitating additional reconstructive surgery; obviously the deeper the laceration, the more serious the damage to muscle, bone and affected tissue will be. Lacerations can be so deep that they severe vital veins or arteries, requiring vascular surgery to prevent bleeding to death. Infections are always a concern as well, due to the open nature of laceration injuries. Infections cause delays in healing, additional physical issues and can result in additional scarring.

Road Rash

Motorcycle and bike accidents often cause a specific type of laceration known as “road rash.” Road rash is typically caused by a high-impact scrape or slide onto a hard surface like roadway asphalt and pavement. It is commonly seen on the legs, arms and back of the survivor. Road rash is actually akin to a friction burn, and the treatments can be similar. Protective gear such as helmets, elbow and knee pads and leather riding gear can be helpful in preventing road rash, but no protective gear is guaranteed to prevent all harm.

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We understand the medical treatments necessary to recover from laceration injuries and we work to ensure you are fully compensated. To further discuss your laceration from a motorcycle accident or other incident, contact an attorney at Choulos Choulos & Wyle today.

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