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San Francisco DUI Accident Lawyer

Serious, Complex Motor Vehicle Accident Cases: Our Strength for Decades

Our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers’ entire careers have focused on holding the negligent accountable and getting victims of negligence the greatest possible compensation. Drunk driving is inexplicable, extreme negligence and, unfortunately, the criminal case is not always the only legal battle to be won. We are here to help drunk driver accident survivors by:

  • Thoroughly investigating all aspects of your auto collision, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or rundown as a pedestrian
  • Working to establish the full extent of your medical expenses and other damages, and to aggressively put a value on other compensation available in your case
  • Pursuing all possible sources of recovery, based on our knowledge of dram shop and liquor liability laws that may apply to a bar, restaurant or other party that served an underage or already intoxicated driver
  • Getting directly and personally involved in your case and staying that way, with tenacity and responsiveness that often exceeds our clients’ expectations

DUI-related accident civil lawsuits can be complex. It is essential to have experienced counsel, or you may miss opportunities to recover all the compensation you deserve. Our trial-proven San Francisco drunk driver accident lawyers both have decades-long track records of delivering for our clients.

Caring Legal Counsel and Aggressive Representation Every Step of the Way

We want to help you get compensation that makes a meaningful difference for your future. Let’s talk about your case in a free consultation, so we can begin answering your questions and evaluating all your legal options.

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