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Client Testimonials

The following testimonials were originally left by happy clients at Yelp, Google and the attorney rating website Avvo.

Joshua H

I was involved in a bicycle accident involving a semi truck. I contacted Claude Wyle and he agreed to take on my case. I can honestly say he was very honest and forthright with me and worked tirelessly on my case. Anything that came up I was notified immediately and he talked me through everything. I was more than happy when we settled my case. I believe Claude and George are really fantastic lawyers they have a great support staff who are very responsive to anything you ask of them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has been injured. Great communication, fast response great people.


Choulos choulos and Wyle are the best of the best, a few years back I was involved in a motorcycle accident where I was struck by a vehicle. After calling around to different law firms I was told that for lesser words I did not have a case, I had a hard time dealing with this since I knew for a fact it was not my fault and I sustained fairly serious injuries from the accident. A family member recommended Claude Wyle and after speaking with him I knew that everything was going to be okay. His knowledge and expertise were second to none and he was able to close the case out in ample time. Not only did he help me out through a very dark time in my life but he also treated me as if I was family of his own and I am very grateful to have found him. I highly recommend this firm to anybody who needs an injury lawyer.

Yong S

Mr. Wyle helped me with my cycling accident in 2014 well beyond my expectation. He was careful in listening and performed a thorough inspection of the accident site to understand the nature very well. He kept close communication with me throughout the entire process and prepared me well for the settlement to my satisfaction.

Angelique I.

I contacted Choulos, Choulos & Wyle at the recommendation of a friend of mine who knew the character and stand-up nature of the firm. I spoke with George, who kindly took time out of his day upon receiving my call to learn everything about the situation I was in.

He is a fellow motorcyclist, which was comforting, given that my incident involved me getting hit by an automobile while on my motorcycle. George was able to share a great deal of knowledge and sound advice, helping me to better understand the appropriate manner in which to handle my situation to my benefit. Accidents are stressful from both an emotional and physical standpoint; Speaking with George helped me feel empowered to tackle and navigate my situation and I am super grateful for his empathy and expertise.

I would highly recommend this firm to other motorcyclists, and anyone dealing with an injury incident.

Mike S.

I was recently involved in my first motorcycle accident. George guided me through the steps from start to finish and put me at ease throughout the entire process. Awesome experience for handling such a crappy situation. Thanks again George!

Amelia E.

Claude Wyle is the best. I have used him for two accidents (don’t stand near me when there’s lightning) and he got me through both from beginning to end. I have referred so many friends in the motorcycle community to him when they were hit by stupid drivers. He is an incredible gentleman who is pleasant to everyone, even the other opposing side. He takes something that is tragic and makes it less traumatic. Oh, and money. He can get blood out of a stone. He changed my life when I almost lost it, twice! Thank you!

Aaron T.

I went to Claude Wyle with my injury case based on reccomendations and honestly things didn’t look all that great from the beginning for me, my evidence was minimal, the police report wasn’t helping me and one of the witnesses was biased against me. Claude still took my case and fought for me every step of the way and was very supportive the entire time. He looked deep into the details and based on my account and the evidence I had he managed build up my case and he interviewed the witnesses and managed to get the biased witness to back down from their exaggerations. We ended up with a settlement which while doesn’t erase what happened to me, it does help. I would recommend Claude in a heartbeat to anyone I know. I’m very grateful for Claude’s expertise and him taking my case!

Benjamin C.

After my accident Mr Choulos made me very comfortable with the whole situation and was very helpful in getting a settlement in a timely manner. It was an effortless situation on my part which was very helpful during my recovery process.

Karen F.

I had an unfortunate accident on my motorcycle where the other party refused to settle. I turned to Choulos, Choulos and Wyle at the recommendation of a friend who’s known them for a long time. I’m so glad i chose them to represent me. Especially George who was my lawyer.

First of all let me say that the best thing about them is that they really care. Not just about your lawsuit but they care about you. Throughout this ordeal it was great to know you have them on your side, working hard for you. They are honest, straight forward and experts in what they do.

My case went all the way to trial and George and Faye kicked ass. They are organized and very responsive. They assisted me and got me thru this ordeal. We won the case and they were able to get thru all the web of lies the other party had made up.

And even after the case was done George was able to negotiate down the lean that my health insurance had over my medical bills to less than 1/3 of the total amount.

And did I say that george and Claude are also riders?

All i can say is thank you to George and his staff for being awesome.

If you need a PI Lawyer you should hire them.

Barry N.

After being involved in a horrific car accident and not knowing where to turn – I was referred to Claude Wyle. He was a true professional and knew how to work with the insurance company of the party that hit me. Claude was sharp and clearly had command of the whole process. He was easy to work with and truly listened to my concerns. I would not hesitate to use him or his partner George if I should ever require their services again.

Cassandra F.

Working with Claude Wyle was a delight. Everyone at CC&W are professional and on top of it. When I needed legal advice, I sought out Claude. He was not only correct in his assessment of my case but quick too.I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in using them again!

Niel S.

George Choulos and his team are THE place to go in SF for any motorcyclists who are victims of a car driver’s inattentiveness, like I was. George went to bat for me, not only with the driver’s insurance, but also with mine thanks to my uninsured motorist coverage (one of the best decisions I ever made!). George is a motorcyclist himself so understands riders, and he knows the business very well.


I was very fortunate that I found Claude and George to handle my very difficult case. Claude was always keeping me informed of every little detail and I entrusted him completely. I truly feel Claude will forever be my friend, and I will always send whomever I can due to that trust I carry and the loyalty I felt with him.


Claude was a professional pitbull who got me results quickly and painlessly. I would highly recommend Claude and CCW and would not hesitate to use him again should I need his services. He was able to get me a great result quickly, and worked diligently after the fact to work with my health insurance to maximize my recovery.


George is a amazing lawyer. He took the time to get every little detail needed and had my back from the second he walked in my door. When he says he can do something its not just to make you feel good, he knows exactly what he is talking about and his 30+ years of experience shines right threw. Never once did I have to worry if he was doing his job. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE looking for a stand up hard working lawyer. A+++++++


George was recommended by a friend to represent me in a case that another attorney had turned down because it didn’t seem like they could win it. George of course won the case, but was also great to work with, very helpful, informative and supportive. I actually felt very proud to be represented by George because of the way he handled himself and everybody we came up against. I definitely would (and have) recommend George to anybody.


Client vs. Private Bus Company

Wrongful Death of Husband and
Father in Bus Accident
Settlement: $4,200,000

Client vs. State of California

Dangerous highway off -ramp resulting
in spinal injuries and paralysis
Settel ment: $2.800,000

Client vs. Western Building

Construction truck runs red light,
hits pedestrian and causes Brain Damage
Settlement: $2.030,000

Client vs. Tow Truck Company

Fatal truck crash, wrongful death
policy limits
Settlement $545,000