Claude A. Wyle


Claude was profiled in the March 2017 issue of Plaintiff magazine.

Describing Claude

Aggressive and equally energetic. Creative. Determined. Believes in accountability. Will turn over every stone possible for every client.

Not only is he a lifelong motorcycle attorney, but Claude has been a lifelong motorcycle and bicycle rider too. Being a lawyer brings out Claude’s enthusiasm, dedication, and energy, all traits that benefit his clients and what he fights for. As an integral part of a small team, Claude believes in the value of providing personal service to best meet the needs of his clients; working directly with the people he’s helping allows him to better understand the struggles, challenges, and fears his clients face, in order to fight for what they need and deserve.

“I don’t have cases, I have clients.”

If anything, Claude’s drive and love for what he does has only continued to grow over the years.

Big Picture and Community-Focused

Community is important to Claude, which is evidenced by his dedication to bettering the community through his and the firm’s involvement in local causes and advocacy. Claude also volunteers by lecturing and advising less privileged individuals and groups on their legal rights.

Well-Respected Professional

Claude is an author who has published numerous articles that cover most aspects of trial practice and litigation. He’s also a frequent lecturer at trial lawyers programs and has spoken and taught at seminars, law schools, universities, colleges, and attorneys’ conferences in many states.

With his personality and good reputation leading the way, it’s not uncommon for Claude to help mentor younger lawyers while also working with other more established lawyers on their cases.

Dedicated to Growth

Recognizing that change is constant, Claude sees the value of addressing and overcoming the barriers that change can produce through continuing his education.

Attending several training and educational seminars and courses each year, he applies what he learns and adapts his work and approach as needed. Claude believes in the importance of staying current in order to get the best results.

Professional Associations and Memberships

Awards & Recognitions
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