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San Francisco Premises Liability Lawyer

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, we handle claims arising from unsafe property conditions. Contact our San Francisco premises liability law firm to discuss your options following

  • a drowning or near drowning,
  • a dog bite, or
  • other property accidents.

Our attorney Handle Unsafe Property Claims

The San Francisco premises liability attorney at Choulos Choulos & Wyle have the experience, the knowledge, and the dedication to ensure that you obtain ample compensation for your child’s pit bull attack or other type of dog mauling injury.

Cases related to dangerous premises can result from a variety of causes, including

  • unleashed dogs,
  • improperly restrained dangerous animals,
  • poor property maintenance,
  • unmarked hazards,
  • physical damage,
  • defective gates,
  • windows,
  • hot water scalding or any number of other dangers.

A thorough understanding of the ever-changing and fact-specific law regarding the various and numerous incidents that result in liability for dangerous property is essential to successful legal representation.

Preserving Evidence in Premises Liability Cases

Need evidence to win a case. Preserving evidence at the accident scene is important to a successful recovery. Preserving evidence includes taking photographs, interviewing witnesses, and taking notes about the scene of the accident. In premises liability cases, you should inspect the scene after the accident and ask questions like:

  • Are there any broken deck railings?
  • Is there any loosened carpet?
  • Are there any light bulbs or light fixtures still missing over stairways?
  • Are there any stains or other evidence from the liquid that was on the floor?

For more information on preserving evidence, please visit our Preserving Evidence Page.

Dog Bites, Swimming Pools, Drowning, Fires and Explosions

As experienced San Francisco premises liability attorney, we handle all types of property-related claims, including injuries caused by

  • lead poisoning;
  • construction accidents,
  • farm accidents and
  • swimming pools accidents.

We also have experience in representing individuals, children and families who have suffered injury and loss related to fires and explosions that occur due to someone’s negligence.

Business owners have a duty to keep their premises in reasonably good condition, and to warn visitors of any danger that the owner knew about or should have known about. Dangerous property conditions such as:

  • inadequate lighting,
  • environmental hazards, and
  • the presence of dangerous dogs can lead to animal attacks resulting in serious injuries or death.

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, we can help you.

Possible Premises Claim? Call Us to Find Out

In many cases, security-related premises liability cases involve the foreseeability of issues such as physical security standards, generally accepted security practices, community standards and other specific risk considerations. Our role as San Francisco premises liability attorney is to assist victims of dog bites, dangerous property accidents, and other types of personal injuries to obtain proper compensation through well-documented lawsuits and vigorous, well-prepared settlement negotiations.

Recent Examples of Our Success

San Francisco Trip and Fall Case – 500,000 Settlement

Our dangerous premises, or slip and fall lawyers, fought for and won another great result in a San Francisco trip and fall case. Representing a tenant against his negligent landlord, our premises liability attorney settled this personal injury case, just after it was set for trial, for $500,000. This trip and fall case, filed in San Francisco, California, is particularly interesting since our client, a San Francisco tenant “tripped and fell” over a raised threshold, and into a shower door of untempered glass, in his rented apartment. Broken shards of glass sliced the man’s body, causing lacerations through his side, as well as to his hand and face. He was left with ugly scars, and will need revision surgery.

Despite his owning many identical apartment units, the San Francisco landlord claimed he knew nothing about the danger of untempered glass in a shower door. He also claimed not to understand the dangerous nature of a discrepancy in floor height between the hall and the bathroom. The landlord also kept the client’s rental deposit because he said “the tenant broke his shower door.”

The landlord’s reason for not changing to a cheap and harmless shower curtain? Because his tenants would get too much water on the bathroom floor! This was another case of a defendant valuing profit before people, and our team of attorney made this negligent landlord accountable for his failure to take safety seriously.

Dangerous and Defective Gate-$2,365,000-Brain Damage Settlement

Our premises liability team obtained a settlement in the amount of $2,365,000.00 in San Francisco County on behalf of a woman who suffered traumatic brain damage when a dangerous unstable gate, used as a rear garage door, slipped off its tracks and fell onto her while she was visiting a friend’s condominium garage in San Francisco.

The security video of the accident was shocking evidence that our client had done absolutely nothing to contribute to her own injuries. After investigating the conduct of all of the property owners, the property managers, the developers, the architects, the contractors and the sub-contractors who were involved with this condominium complex, our dangerous property lawyers uncovered evidence that substandard architectural design, inadequate contractor supervision, faulty construction by sub-contractors, and negligent property management all combined to cause the heavy metal gate (400 pounds), being used as the garage door for the property to be unstable and unsafe, and to ultimately fall on our client as she entered the garage, causing her multiple fractures and traumatic brain injury.

Obtaining fair financial compensation for our client was particularly challenging in this case because not a single careless defendant accepted responsibility for their part in contributing to our client’s severe injuries. Essentially, each negligent party pointed their fingers at each other party, and they forced this matter to the proverbial “courthouse steps”. With so many hotly contested issues of insurance coverage, ownership, responsibility, and causation, this case ultimately settled only three days before the date set for trial in San Francisco County Superior Court.

The property designers, builders, owners and managers each carelessly failed to protect visitors and guests from injury to this property, and it took CCW’s dangerous property attorney to make each one of them accountable.

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