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Preserving Evidence in an Injury Case

Having a digital camera in the car or on your cell phone is a great way to be prepared to preserve important evidence.

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In the event that you are unable to talk to a lawyer right away after a pit bull mauling or a truck accident, our experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyers encourage you to preserve evidence at the scene to the best of your ability.

Were there any Eye Witnesses?

The statements of witnesses are an important aspect of preserving evidence, and you should obtain the statements as soon after the accident as possible while the witness’s memory is still fresh. Witnesses include any person who will be able to provide important information about the accident and may include:

  • other drivers
  • passengers
  • construction site supervisors
  • employees at business located near the accident scene

Make sure to get the names and phone numbers of all available eyewitnesses.

Preserving evidence includes photographing the accident scene.

When documenting the scene of the accident, pay particular attention to:

  • friction marks
  • skid marks
  • gouge marks
  • the location of debris
  • the type of debris

You should also ask the following types of questions when inspecting the scene of the accident:

  • Was there gravel on the road?
  • Was there an oil spill?
  • Was there any debris in the street or on the highway?
  • Were there any other dangerous road or dangerous driving conditions ?
  • Are the traffic signals working properly?
  • Were roadside / traffic signs or stop lights added, altered, or changed after the accident? (This may indicate that the road or intersection was known to be dangerous before the accident.)

Preserving evidence also includes:

  • taking photographs, digital pictures, video, or otherwise document all property damage, including damage to motor vehicles
  • taking photos or otherwise creating a record of all injuries
  • maintaining a record of medical records, including scanning medical records and storing in electronic format
  • asking for a police accident report, and making sure that the accident report includes a diagram of the accident, if the accident report does not include a diagram, make your own diagram

Because property damage is often considered a key piece of evidence in a personal injury claim, get the name, address, and phone number of the location where a disabled car or motorcycle will be towed.

Contact our attorneys at the law offices of Choulos Choulos & Wyle for further recommendations as to what kinds of evidence will be crucial to the development of a compelling compensation claim or lawsuit. We will be glad to explain in your free initial consultation how our independent investigation will increase your chances of obtaining the maximum available compensation.

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, we have extensive experience with all aspects of pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents and the resulting catastrophic injuries , including brain injuries, spine injuries and wrongful death .

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