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Scooters from Yamaha, Vespa, Honda and other manufacturers have risen dramatically in popularity for commuting and recreation over the past decade — and that has meant a corresponding rise in scooter accidents. When these accidents happen, the scooter operator often suffers serious injuries, and it is common for other motorists to deny fault or even fail to stop.

Actively and Assertively Supporting Your Right to Share the Road

Our senior attorney and other staff members are avid motorcyclists and bicyclists. We are intensely familiar with California traffic laws and the necessity of driving defensively to compensate for other drivers’ lack of caution and respect for smaller vehicles. But we have seen the serious outcomes of many illegal left-turn collisions, bike rundowns and other crashes that were not the rider’s fault. We adamantly believe in holding negligent drivers accountable for actions that injure people on motor scooters.

Bay Area Negligent Driver Injury Attorney

Our experience recovering compensation for accident survivors covers hit-and-run accidents, drunk driver accidents, crashes caused by uninsured motorists and virtually all other types of motor vehicle collisions leading to wrongful death or injuries including:

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We understand the rider’s perspective and how scooters function and perform. We call on experts in accident reconstruction, engineering and other fields when needed to build our cases for success in negotiation or at trial. You can depend on our lawyers to consider every possible source of financial recovery for you — including your own or a family member’s homeowners coverage.

For a free consultation with a lawyer who will respect your choice of a scooter and do everything possible to obtain all the compensation you deserve after a scooter accident, please call or e-mail our firm today.

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