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Fatal Injuries Attorney in San Francisco

Our attorneys work with investigators and other experts to reconstruct the scene of the accident and determine what factors contributed to the death of a motorcycle rider or cyclist. While a fatal injury can often occur as the result of a motorist running a traffic light, improperly changing lanes, or simply ignoring traffic laws, dangerous road conditions can also contribute to a fatality. In order to determine why an accident happened, our motorcycle accident lawyers meticulously investigate each case, using experts in a wide variety of fields.

Causes of Motorcycle and Biking Fatalities

Although a fatal injury can be caused in any number of ways, most biker deaths are caused by:

Demanding Accountability and Compensation

When someone who has had too much to drink gets behind the wheel or when a city ignores a dangerous pothole, they must be held accountable when others lose their lives as a result. Because a moment’s negligence can take away a spouse, parent, sibling, or cherished friend, many lives are harmed by the reckless actions of others.

When looking at the impact of a wrongful death on a family, we work with economists to determine the value of lost earnings and benefits; loss of support, companionship and guidance; funeral and burial expenses; and emotional pain and suffering.

Help us help you and the safety of other bikers — contact Choulos Choulos & Wyle today if you or a loved one have been fatally injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident in California.

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