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Motorcycle Shop Liable for Motorcycle Crash

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on October 24, 2019

Attorney Claude Wyle discusses a case where a motorcycle shop was held liable for a motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of his client’s leg. Mr. Wyle explains how their experts examined the motorcycle and determined that two nuts on the steering were only hand tightened, which could cause…

Myths Busted! Injury Attorney Debunks Misconceptions about Motorcycles

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on October 18, 2019

Attorney Claude Wyle responds to myths and misconceptions about motorcycle accidents in California. He explains the role of insurance companies, why motorcycle skid marks can’t determine speed and how lane-splitting is safer for everyone and reduces traffic congestion. Mr. Wyle also discusses comparative negligence, a California law that allows motorcyclists…

Legal Victory for Elderly Woman After Fall From Defective Staircase

posted in Personal Injury, by Claude Wyle, on August 23, 2019

In this video, attorney Claude Wyle shares one of his most emotionally rewarding cases involving a woman who broke her wrist falling down the stairs at her son’s residence. The client was no longer able to do her job and lost her dog and place to live as a result.…

Case Story: Victory for Brain Injury Survivor Against Drunk Driver’s Employer

posted in Automobile Accident Personal Injury, by Claude Wyle, on August 22, 2019

Watch attorney Claude Wyle discuss a brain injury case he handled that involved a drunk driver who had been on the road after a work event. In California, employers that provide alcohol to employees for the benefit of the company are responsible for any damage caused by an employee who…

What Motorcycle Riders in California Need to Know

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on August 1, 2019

Watch Attorney Claude Wyle discuss motorcycle accidents in California and the types of insurance to best protect and compensate drivers on Motorcycle accidents result in more injuries and fatalities than car crashes, but most drivers don’t have enough insurance to compensate an injured motorcyclist. Learn about the importance of…

Modesto Pedestrian Attorney Reports: Teenage Girl Charged With Murder In Modesto Crash Which Led to

posted in Uncategorized, by Claude Wyle, on December 14, 2018

Prosecutors have filed murder charges against a 17 year old girl after her involvement in a high speed crash that killed a woman and her daughter in Modesto a year ago. The girl, Britaney Elvira Gomez, suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana, faces two counts of murder in connection with…

San Francisco Wrongful Death Attorney Sad to Report: Two Fatal Accidents In San Francisco’s Chinat

posted in Uncategorized, by Claude Wyle, on

Earlier this month two car crashes in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood resulted in fatalities, according to the San Francisco Police Department. The first occurred at the intersection of Broadway and Stockton Street, when a car and motorcycle collided, injuring one individual who later died from their injuries after being transported to the…

San Francisco Pedestrian Attorney Sad to Report Female Pedestrian Died In Fatal San Francisco Hit An

posted in Uncategorized, by Claude Wyle, on

A female pedestrian died earlier this month after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver in San Francisco, according to San Francisco police. The woman was crossing Bush Street when she was hit by a dark colored car. The driver did not stay at the scene and has not been found. Police…

San Francisco Bay Area And Northern California Disaster Claims: Earthquakes, Fires, and Floods

posted in Serious Injuries, by dcmmoguls, on September 21, 2018

California has become increasingly notorious for our major catastrophes, including among other disasters, earthquakes , fires and floods. If disaster strikes, whether a person is covered by homeowner’s insurance or not, what many people don’t realize is that injury lawyers are often the best source of help. Whether you need help…

Personal Injuries in San Francisco

posted in Personal Injuries, by dcmmoguls, on September 14, 2018

Personal injuries can occur as a result of accidents. These could be car accidents, falling on someone else’s premises, or through the negligence of medical caregivers. Other causes of personal injuries are construction or factory accidents, sexual abuse, and injuries resulting from the use of defective products of a company.…

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