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San Francisco Defective Products Attorney

Our successful personal injury and wrongful death case experience extends to injuries from the use of a wide range of unsafe industrial, consumer and medical products including:

  • Auto defects related to components and overall vehicle design, from tires that fail and cause loss of control to defective seat backs and seat belts, and from unacceptable rollover susceptibility to sudden acceleration
  • Motorcycle and bicycle defects that cause serious accidents and worsen their outcomes for victims
  • Defective medical devices such as hip implants that are prone to failure, often resulting in intense pain, loss of mobility and the need for another corrective surgery
  • Children’s products that pose an unacceptable injury risk, including dangerous toys, flammable clothing and poorly designed cribs and playpens
  • Industrial and heavy equipment used on construction sites and in other work environments

Our Expert Resources Become Assets for Your Recovery and Future

In many complex products liability cases, even the best personal injury lawyers are only as effective as the experts they rely on for assistance in investigations, analysis of evidence, interpretation of industry standards and testimony.

Our attorney work with a nationwide network of experts we have developed over the last several decades, including accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals and life care planners capable of projecting all future expenses related to your own or a family member’s disabling injuries.

We Put People Above Profits and Want to Make a Difference for You

Enforcing accountability for safe business practices and marketing is a principle that runs deep at our respected Bay Area law firm. When companies put profit above the safety of the customers they serve, we are prepared to take aggressive legal action.

San Jose Manufacturer Negligence Attorney

If you have been injured or lost a family member prematurely due to a defective product, contact us to talk through your damages, financial needs and legal options. We are here to help, beginning with a free case evaluation.

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