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San Francisco Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, our San Francisco spinal cord injury attorneys work with injured clients throughout California including the communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose and others. Contact our California spinal cord injury lawyers if you have questions after suffering a serious spine injury in an accident.

Car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents most commonly cause serious injuries including injuries to the spine, although any type of accident may injure the nerves within the spinal cord.

The nerve fibers in the spinal cord are responsible for the body’s ability to feel, move and perform vital functions. Loss of function following a spine injury depends on the location and seriousness of the impact on the spinal column. With any substantial spinal injury or spinal cord injury, the loss of function is likely devastating.

Survivors of Spinal Cord Injuries Need Long Term Care

Survivors of spine injuries and their families must often deal with permanent disabilities that involve significant medical expenses. Care that lasts a lifetime must often be arranged, and families need to know that they have the resources to make sure their loved one gets whatever care is necessary, as long as he or she needs it. At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, our San Francisco spinal cord injury lawyers work with survivors and their families to determine the need for medical evaluation of elements of their physical symptoms as well as emotional trauma that often accompany spinal cord injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury – San Francisco or Statewide Guidance

With any serious spinal cord injury, it is important to consult an experienced spinal injury attorney to make sure you are aware of all sources of compensation. Please contact or call us toll free at 877-702-7800 or at 415-432-7292 for guidance in this complex area of injury. Our California spinal cord injury lawyers can give you the experienced representation that your spinal injury deserves.

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