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San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Under the law in California, every driver has a duty to give pedestrians the right of way and to avoid causing personal injuries to pedestrians. Each and every driver must maintain a proper lookout for pedestrians whether they are crossing at a marked crosswalk or in the middle of the block. Drivers must ALWAYS maintain a proper lookout for pedestrians. As a pedestrian accident attorney in San Francisco, I understand your right to walk safely and free from injury. When a pedestrian accident occurs at any speed, the outcome is likely to be serious or sometimes devastating, and that is why drivers of motor vehicles have a higher duty of care than do pedestrians. Collisions between cars and pedestrians usually result in at least disabling neck and back injuries. Injuries to pedestrians can also vary from leg fractures or arm fractures to brain damage or spinal cord injuries. When a pedestrian is struck by a car or truck or a bus, the impact too often can result in fatal injuries. Any time there is a collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, the injuries necessitate serious, attentive legal representation. If you have been injured or a family member has been killed in a pedestrian accident on a California roadway, our pedestrian accident attorney team in San Francisco is ready to help.

Why Should You Choose a Professional San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Represent You In Your Case?

Pedestrian AccidentsAs San Francisco pedestrian accident attorneys, we represent many people injured simply because they chose not to drive a car that day, including pedestrians, bicyclists and MUNI passengers. We believe in the use of these alternative transportation methods because of the benefits to our community and to the environment, and we’re actively involved in advocating changes to regulations to make the roads safer for everyone. We believe that by making those who cause personal injuries or wrongful death to pedestrians fully accountable, we improve pedestrian safety. And we believe that by improving pedestrian safety, we will encourage the health of people in our community and improve our environment.

We find people who are hurt while pedestrians are much more comfortable consulting with a lawyer who understands where they’re coming from and who dedicates themselves to improving pedestrian safety and reducing pedestrian injury. Our partners’ years of experience with pedestrian claims and our commitment to pedestrian safety gives our team a tactical advantage over the opposition.

Why not put our many decades of experience to work for you, by communicating directly with one of the skilled San Francisco pedestrian accident lawyers of Choulos, Choulos & Wyle?

Experienced and Versatile San Francisco Lawyers Who Focus on Results and Accountability

Our San Francisco law firm has obtained millions in compensation for victims by proving driver negligence and other causal factors in injury-causing pedestrian accidents throughout the Bay Area. Behind this clear and lengthy track record of success is our San Francisco lawyers’ intense commitment to helping the injured recover and to encouraging a responsible “share the road” mentality among California drivers.  Our experience in high-value cases covers both pedestrian crosswalk and sidewalk accidents.

Work With a San Francisco Law Firm That Has Years of Experience Helping Accident Victims

Our San Francisco law firm knows firsthand how vulnerable pedestrians are. That is why we are passionate about protecting them and sending a message to drivers that pedestrian safety is of the highest importance.

If you need a proven San Francisco pedestrian accident lawyer who will focus on maximizing the settlement or verdict in your case, please contact us for your free case evaluation. Call Choulos, Choulos & Wyle at 415-432-7292 or toll free 877-702-7800 today.


Client vs. City and County of San Francisco

(San Francisco Muni bus hit pedestrian)
Jury Verdict: $1,900,000

Martin vs. Big Rig Truck

Loss of Leg Settlement: Pedestrian Accident
Settlement: $1,000,000

Pedestrian Struck by Truck Mid-Block


Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk