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Motorcycle Crash Information

Roadways Belong to Motorists . . . and Motorcyclists

With thousands of miles of roadway in California, some accidents are inevitable. Most, however, could be prevented by attentive driving, properly-designed roads and adequate safety measures. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, roadway engineers typically design roads to cater to automobile and truck drivers; these same roadways may be safe enough for the occupants of automobiles, but can pose a serious risk for personal injuries or wrongful death to motorcyclists. The San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney of Choulos Choulos & Wyle have successfully won many trials and maximized settlements for motorcycle riders who suffered injuries caused by dangerous and defective highways, roadways, streets and intersections.

The cause of a motorcycle accident is not always black and white. Our firm looks beyond the often oversimplified reasons listed in the police report. We conduct an independent and thorough investigation, going deeper to uncover key factors such as whether another driver, a dangerous road or a defective product caused or contributed to the motorcycle rider’s injuries.

Preserving Evidence after a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle collision, it is vitally important to preserve evidence. Taking some simple steps like taking pictures of the accident scene, documenting your injuries, getting copies of all police and insurance paperwork and getting the contact information of witnesses greatly increases your chances for a successful recovery later.

Left-Handed Turns in Front of Motorcycles

Motorcycle collisions are commonly caused by cars or trucks making left-hand turns into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Because they are so common, at any given time our motorcycle accident lawyers are handling several left turn cases. Although these accidents are typically caused by negligent drivers, motorcyclists are often blamed. Such phrases as “that motorcycle came out of nowhere,” “I just didn’t see him,” and “he must have been speeding” are commonly uttered by car and truck drivers who caused accidents. An important rule of the road is that the vehicle proceeding straight has the right of way: the vehicle making the left-hand turn has the responsibility to yield.

Our motorcycle accident attorney understand the dynamics of left turn crashes and have the resources to win these cases and maximize our clients’ recovery. We work hard to ensure your right to ride safely.

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Contact the law offices of Choulos Choulos & Wyle if you have suffered serious injuries (such as leg injuries, shoulder injuries, burns, knee injuries, amputations, broken hands or broken shoulders, head injuries, or other serious injuries) in a motorcycle accident anywhere in the Bay Area. To schedule your free initial consultation, send us an e-mail or call us at (877) 702-7800 or at (415) 432-7292.

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