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Legal Help for People Who Have Suffered a Brain Injury

At the heart of every catastrophic injury is a person whose way of life has been taken away from them through someone else's reckless and negligent actions. It's more than just the injured person who suffers; it's his or her entire family. The life you have in the future may never be the one you expected, as brain injuries often result in both short- and long-term disability.

San Francisco Brain Injury Attorneys

SF Brain Injury AttorneysIf you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury or a closed head injury as a result of a motorcycle crash or bicycle accident, you will need help and financial resources to make as full a recovery as possible. At the San Francisco law office of Choulos Choulos & Wyle, our injury attorneys are dedicated to helping injured bikers get the financial resources they need.

We represent clients throughout the Bay Area. If your injuries prevent you from traveling, we will drive to meet with you in your home or at the hospital. Contact our law office to learn more about your options for financial compensation after a motorcycle accident.

Meeting Immediate Needs and Planning for the Future

Bikers who have suffering serious brain injuries and head injuries may needs weeks or months of skilled medical care and possibly extended nursing home care. While recovery is possible, even in very serious cases, it often takes time. During the recovery period the injured person may not be able to work or even handle regular daily activities.

The injury lawyers at Choulos Choulos & Wyle document your medical condition and its financial impact. We work with medical and rehabilitation experts as well as economists and life care planners to understand the full extent of your disability from the perspective of both today and tomorrow.

Telling Your Story so Jurors Understand

In order to achieve the financial recovery you need after a traumatic brain injury or serious head injury, it’s vital that we be able to communicate the true impact of your injury. We create day-in-the-life videos and provide witnesses who can explain to jurors how your life has been irrevocably changed by your injuries.

Bikers face a certain amount of prejudice, on the streets and in the courtroom. By humanizing our clients and bringing their story home to the jurors we strive to ensure justice is served.

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Motorcycle vs. Tanker Truck Accident

Truck crosses double yellow line resulting in multiple fractures.
Jury Verdict: $4,700,000 minus 25% comparative fault

Doug L. vs. Negligent Van Driver

Van makes U turn across entire road causing multiple fractures and several surgeries.
Settlement $2,300,000.00

Client vs. Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer and local dealer

Product liability, negligent dealer assembly resulting in leg amputation below knew.
Settlement: $1,345,000