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San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer

Our investigative resources and high-stakes case experience enable us to address all aspects of your potential case, whatever the exact circumstances and whether the bus involved was operated by:

  • A private company providing bus transportation for tours, gambling excursions and other purposes
  • A government entity or agency such as MUNI, Golden Gate Transit, Caltrans, SAMTrans in San Mateo County, AC Transit, County Connection, WestCAT, CalTrain, Union City Transit or others throughout the Bay Area and Northern California
  • A Bay Area school district or other party responsible for safe operation of school buses

Decades of Experience Delivering Meaningful Results for the Injured

In fact, our efforts over the years have yielded several million-dollar, multimillion-dollar and other substantial settlements and trial verdicts for bus accident victims. We have successfully held private bus companies and the City and County of San Francisco accountable for various forms of negligence in order to maximize compensation for our seriously injured and grieving clients.

Digging Deep to Build Your Case for Maximum Compensation
Oakland School Bus Accident Attorney

You can count on our San Francisco bus accident lawyers to investigate all possible causes of the accident that injured you or a family member — and to invoke the higher standard of care that applies in a “common carrier” case. We will look beyond the immediate physical evidence to determine whether inadequate driver training, dangerous behavior behind the wheel, negligent bus maintenance or other factors must be considered in your case.

Please contact us now if you or a loved one has been victimized in any type of serious Northern California bus accident. We provide a free initial consultation focused squarely on your needs and best interests.

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