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San Francisco Accident Attorney: Truck Driver Fatigue

One common cause of truck accidents is driver fatigue. Since truckers are expected to log significant miles and are often paid by the mile, they often push themselves to the point of exhaustion, which can cause disastrous results. Given the size and weight of commercial trucks, accidents involving a tractor-trailer often cause serious or fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Choulos Choulos & Wyle. We represent clients throughout Northern California in semi truck and other large commercial vehicle accident claims.

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers

Our attorney have the skills, experience and resources to protect your rights. We have the ability to enlist the service of qualified experts, including accident reconstruction experts, vocational rehabilitation experts and medical professionals to build a strong case on behalf of our clients in truck accident claims.

Often, commercial trucking accidents involve more than one party that may be held legally responsible for compensation. We aggressively pursue damages from every responsible party, including truck drivers, truck companies and other negligent parties. Our senior attorneys, George V. Choulos and Claude Wyle, bring to each case more than 50 years of combined experience in personal injury law.

Bay Area Truck Accident Attorneys

We are ready to put our experience to work for you. If you wish to speak with one of our San Francisco truck driver fatigue lawyers, call 415-432-7292 or contact us toll free at 877-702-7800. You may also contact us by e-mail.


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Wrongful Death of Husband and Father in Bus Accident
Settlement: $4,200,000

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Dangerous highway off -ramp resulting in spinal injuries and paralysis
Settlement: $2,800,000

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Construction truck runs red light, hits pedestrian and causes Brain Damage
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