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San Francisco Driver Negligence Attorney

It happens all too frequently in the Bay Area and across California: a motorist fails to yield to a bicyclist when making a left turn, causing an accident the driver can walk away from — but one that causes devastating injuries to the cyclist.

Factors such as increased driver distraction involving cell phone use make this scenario as common as ever, with at-fault drivers often denying fault or even failing to stop after the crash.

We are here to help, beginning with a free attorney consultation if you or a family member has been injured in a bicycle accident, including one caused by an illegal left turn. We realize that you may not know all the circumstances of the crash, and we stand ready to investigate thoroughly and build the best possible case for you.

Proven, Respected and Determined Advocates for Injured Bicyclists

We have been accomplished San Francisco driver negligence lawyers for decades, maintaining a determined focus on bike and pedestrian accidents as part of a concerted effort to promote a “share the road” mentality that would prevent many accidents. Along the way, we have built a track record including numerous six-figure and seven-figure recoveries for injured bicyclists and their families.

Relentless Investigation to Prove the Truth About Your Bike Crash
San Francisco Left Turn Accident Attorney

Left turns in front of bikers may appear to constitute clear driver negligence, but many external factors can enter into your case for fair compensation. We know that police reports in bicycle and motorcycle accidents often tell an incomplete, one-sided story, due in part to the fact that the bicyclist is far more likely to require immediate medical attention than the at-fault driver.

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Enlisting qualified experts as needed, we target maximum compensation to help you cope with the aftermath or a life-changing car-bike, truck-bike, or bus vs. bike collision, including medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. To work closely with a caring, responsive senior attorney who will get to know you and go the distance for you in settlement negotiations or at trial, call 877-702-7800 or send us e-mail now.


Bicyclist vs. Negligent Driver

Car vs. bicycle: serious accident resulting in permanent brain injuries and fractures

In Contra Costa County a negligent driver drove into a bicycle path and struck our client Mr. B while Mr. B. was riding home from the dry cleaners. As a result of the careless driver's conduct, Mr. B. suffered traumatic brain injuries and multiple fractures. The negligent driver also struck a telephone pole and was killed in the crash. The lawyer for the motorist who hit our client claimed that the motorist had suffered a sudden heart attack before losing control and that he was not liable thereby. We were able to prove that the heart attack happened after the driver hit our bicyclist, and the driver's estate was made accountable for the catastrophic injuries to Mr. B.
Settlement: $3,500,000
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Client vs. City and County of San Francisco

San Francisco municipal bus and bicycle crash causing pelvic fractures, impotence.
Settlement: $1,300,000
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Client vs. Private Bus Company

Bicycle/bus accident resulting in wrongful death
Settlement: $1,000,000
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Client vs. Vector

Commercial Truck Makes Unsafe Right Turn - Runs over Bicyclist, pelvic injuries
Settlement: $400,000
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