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San Francisco MUNI Accident Attorney

Although we do not underestimate the challenge of safely transporting millions of bus riders each week and operating several other transportation systems, we are firmly committed to holding the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) accountable when its negligence causes serious injury or a wrongful death.

Most often called MUNI, the SFMTA has a spotty safety record at best — even as compared to transit authorities in other major metros.

Proven Advocates for People Injured by MUNI Buses and Other Public Vehicles

Many view MUNI bus drivers as over-aggressive and reckless, having seen them run red lights, change lanes illegally and commit other extremely dangerous violations. At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, you will meet directly with a proven San Francisco MUNI accident lawyer prepared to evaluate your potential case arising from:


  • A car-vs.-MUNI bus collision that injured you, either as the driver of the passenger vehicle or a passenger on the bus
  • A MUNI bus running you over as a pedestrian or causing your motorcycle or bicycle accident and injuries
  • An accident involving a breakaway cable car or other transport vehicle operated by MUNI
  • A crash or other serious injury-causing event on a bus operated by one of the other Northern California transit agencies such as SAMTrans, Golden Gate Transit or AC Transit

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Not all MUNI accidents are the fault of the bus driver or the agency, but many are. Under California law, MUNI is a common carrier obligated to uphold a high standard of care — and that means drivers must observe all traffic laws and buses must be kept safe. Our accomplished Bay Area personal injury attorney have proven negligence in numerous high-value bus accident cases, including obtaining:

  • A $1.75 million jury verdict for a pedestrian on the sidewalk run over by a MUNI vehicle, resulting in brain injuries
  • A $1.3 million recovery for a man who suffered pelvic fractures and impotence from a bicycle accident caused by a MUNI bus
  • A $525,000 recovery for the serious back injuries suffered by the survivor of a MUNI bus vs. auto collision

Oakland Bus Injury Attorney

Pursuit of a claim against the City of San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose calls for prompt action, diligent investigation, and case building by a lawyer with a reputation for integrity. Contact our respected law firm today to consult directly with an attorney who will provide personal attention and tenacious advocacy through every phase of your case.


Client vs. Private Bus Company

Wrongful Death of Husband and Father in Bus Accident
Settlement: $4,200,000

Client vs. State of California

Dangerous highway off -ramp resulting in spinal injuries and paralysis
Settlement: $2,800,000

Client vs. Western Building

Construction truck runs red light, hits pedestrian and causes Brain Damage
Settlement: $2,030,000

Client vs. Tow Truck Company

Fatal truck crash, wrongful death policy limits
Settlement: $545,000