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San Francisco MUNI Accident Attorneys

Proven Advocates for People Injured by MUNI Buses and Other Public Vehicles

Many view MUNI bus drivers as over-aggressive and reckless, having seen them run red lights, change lanes illegally and commit other extremely dangerous violations. At Choulos Choulos & Wyle, you will meet directly with a proven San Francisco MUNI accident lawyer prepared to evaluate your potential case arising from:


  • A car-vs.-MUNI bus collision that injured you, either as the driver of the passenger vehicle or a passenger on the bus
  • A MUNI bus running you over as a pedestrian or causing your motorcycle or bicycle accident and injuries
  • An accident involving a breakaway cable car or other transport vehicle operated by MUNI
  • A crash or other serious injury-causing event on a bus operated by one of the other Northern California transit agencies such as SAMTrans, Golden Gate Transit or AC Transit

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Not all MUNI accidents are the fault of the bus driver or the agency, but many are. Under California law, MUNI is a common carrier obligated to uphold a high standard of care — and that means drivers must observe all traffic laws and buses must be kept safe. Our accomplished Bay Area personal injury attorney have proven negligence in numerous high-value bus accident cases, including obtaining:

  • A $1.75 million jury verdict for a pedestrian on the sidewalk run over by a MUNI vehicle, resulting in brain injuries
  • A $1.3 million recovery for a man who suffered pelvic fractures and impotence from a bicycle accident caused by a MUNI bus
  • A $525,000 recovery for the serious back injuries suffered by the survivor of a MUNI bus vs. auto collision

Oakland Bus Injury Attorney

Pursuit of a claim against the City of San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose calls for prompt action, diligent investigation, and case building by a lawyer with a reputation for integrity. Contact our respected law firm today to consult directly with an attorney who will provide personal attention and tenacious advocacy through every phase of your case.

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