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San Francisco and Oakland Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
We Ride, We Understand, and We Take Action for Motorcycle Accident Victims


Our senior attorneys, George V. Choulos and Claude Wyle, share a passion for motorcycles and an equally intense passion for helping the injured and grieving recover. Both show through when we work with our biker clients, many of whom remain our friends long after we have successfully resolved their claims.

There Is No Substitute for Riding Experience

Our unique strengths as San Francisco personal injury lawyers who ride can make a meaningful difference for you in settlement negotiations or at trial, as they have for many other serious injury victims and family members impacted by a wrongful death. These strengths include:

  • We have real-world, hands-on knowledge of how motorcycles run, stop, slide and crash — allowing you to talk through your recollection of the accident with confidence that we will understand. This knowledge also enables us to build and pursue your case armed with insight opposing attorney likely do not have.
  • Our attorney are driven to discover and prove conclusively what caused the accident, whatever the police report may say. We have proven many types of driver negligence, but we also consider many factors other lawyers might miss, such as the role of driver distraction, an unacceptably dangerous roadway or a product defect.
  • We support the motorcycle community within and beyond our practice of law. Our entire legal team takes great satisfaction in helping victims obtain all available compensation and in exposing dangerous conditions and behaviors that compromise roadway safety for all.

You Can Relate to Us, Trust Us and Count on Focused Attention to Your Case

We have handled many high-value motorcycle accident cases throughout Northern California, working with trusted experts when needed and going the distance to prove the full extent of our clients’ injuries and other damages. To speak directly and free of charge with one of our dedicated biker attorney, contact us anytime.

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