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Woman Run Off Road By Big Rig – $2,500,000 Settlement

Our truck accident attorney fought for and won a $2,500,000 settlement for a sixty-six year old woman who was rendered a quadriplegic when she was hit from behind and run off the road by an out of state big rig in Salinas in Monterrey County, California. The truck driver testified that our client had passed over a double yellow line, and had cut the pass too tight and clipped the front of the big rig. Although the California Highway Patrol report listed our client as the party 100% at fault, and there were no independent witnesses, we were able, through the use of accident reconstruction experts, and aggressive representation, to prove that the truck driver had lied to the CHP officer, and to obtain a policy limits settlement on our client’s behalf. Our client sought enough compensation to help pay for past and future medical expenses, as well as for future attendant care, and pain and suffering for her paralysis and the loss of the use of her arms and legs. The trucking company was made fully accountable, after the case was set for trial in the Monterey County Superior Court. As a part of the settlement, our attorney negotiated substantial reductions of the liens of Medi Care and our client’s health insurance carrier.

Construction Truck Runs Red Light-Causes Brain Damage – $2,000,000 Settlement

Our truck accident attorney successfully negotiated a settlement for more than the $2,000,000 policy limits of a construction company for a Modesto California woman who suffered serious brain injuries and coma when a construction company truck driver ran a red light in Sacramento County, California, and crashed into her minivan. Our client was and is still a valued member of the Modesto community, a loving wife and mother and grandmother, and a person who spent many years before her van accident caring for others. As a part of our representation, we successfully negotiated the reduction of all of her liens for medical treatment. The recovery was invested wisely, and our client’s husband was able to take early retirement so that he could provide personal care for his wife’s daily needs. The construction company was made fully accountable after the case was filed in the Sacramento Superior Court.

Big Rig Drops Load Onto Oncoming Pick-Up – Back Injuries – $1,300,000 Settlement

Our truck accident team of lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement of $1,300,000 shortly after a jury was selected for trial in Oakland, California. Our client, an Alameda County man, was injured when a commercial truck, delivering a temporary housing unit was blown over by the wind and into the oncoming lane, landing directly onto our client’s oncoming pick-up truck. The trucking company ignored the terms of their permit, which stated that their load could not be hauled in high winds, and drove right through an area of Livermore California that is full of windmills, and renowned for its high winds. The trailer on the big rig had brakes that were rusty and poorly maintained. Our client, who narrowly escaped alive, suffered back injuries and sought medical expenses, as well as past and future income loss and pain and suffering for his permanently injured back. Our client was an Alameda County heavy equipment operator, whose back injuries precluded him from earning the same income that he had earned before the accident. The trucking company blamed the accident on unexpectedly high winds and denied that the trailer was poorly maintained. The trucking company was made fully accountable after one day of trial in the Alameda Superior Court in Oakland, California.

Big Rig Makes Dangerous Lane Change – $650,000 settlement

Our truck accident attorney were able to negotiate a $650,000 settlement for a Riverside County man who suffered back injuries when his commercial van was forced into the center median divider. This trucking accident was caused when the commercial big rig driver reached down inside his truck to pick up a bottle of water, and drifted over two lanes before he again looked up. The truck driver denied ever looking away from the road, or ever striking our client’s van. Our client suffered back injuries including a herniated disc in his low back which needed a lumbar fusion. Our client sought past and future medical expenses as well as past and future income loss, and damages for his pain and suffering. We were able to make the trucking company fully accountable after the case was set for trial in the Riverside County Superior Court.

Commercial Truck Makes Unsafe Right Turn – Runs over Bicyclist – $400,000 settlement

Our commercial truck accident attorney were able to negotiate a $400,000 settlement for a San Francisco bicycle rider, who was run over by a Bob Tail Truck in San Francisco, California. The truck driver made an unsafe right turn at an intersection, just as the bicyclist was passing the truck on the right. Our client testified that the truck did not use its turn signals and that the truck driver could not have been paying attention because he actually ran over our client with both the front right wheel and the rear right wheels of the truck. Our client suffered fractures to his hips and internal injuries which caused impotency, and sought past and future medical expenses and past and future income loss, as well as pain and suffering for the disfigurement and for the loss of his sexual function. The truck driver denied running over the bicyclist with both axles, and denied fault because the bicyclist had run the stop sign as he passed the truck. The accident reconstruction expert retained by our attorney was able to prove that the bicycle was actually run over twice, and so we proved that the truck driver could not have been watching as he made the turn. The case was settled after being filed in San Francisco Superior Court.


Client vs. Private Bus Company

Wrongful Death of Husband and
Father in Bus Accident
Settlement: $4,200,000

Client vs. State of California

Dangerous highway off -ramp resulting
in spinal injuries and paralysis
Settel ment: $2.800,000

Client vs. Western Building

Construction truck runs red light,
hits pedestrian and causes Brain Damage
Settlement: $2.030,000

Client vs. Tow Truck Company

Fatal truck crash, wrongful death
policy limits
Settlement $545,000