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-Posted On September 17, 2013 In Wrongful Death-

Lead Industry Dodges Accountability for Injuries To Children

The lead paint industry remains successful in avoiding responsibility for the harm it has caused hundreds of thousands of children as well as the millions or billions in property damage. As a San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney representing those harmed and killed by defective products, I can speak first hand. In April of this year, the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recalculated its estimate of the number of children in America with dangerous levels of lead in their blood. The CDC’s new child lead-poisoning number is 535,000, announced in the midst of lawsuits against the lead companies that…
-Posted On September 10, 2013 In Wrongful Death-

Video Captures Taxi Driver Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Accident

Yes, it was raining and the visibility was not so good for this taxi driver, who was apparently in a hurry. But that doesn’t give him the right to blatantly hit a pedestrian and then drive away as if he ran over a bundle of clothes. Preferring to put this whole pedestrian hit-and-run behind him, and to continue on with his typical evening, this taxi driver acted as if he would get away without any repercussions. Luckily, karma prevailed and a surveillance camera that was mounted inside the taxicab displayed the real truth of a pedestrian death on this October…
-Posted On September 4, 2013 In Wrongful Death-

Chris Bucchere Plea Bargains First Bicycle Felony Manslaughter Getting Community Service and Probation But No Jail Time

Chris Bucchere’s fatal bicycle vs. pedestrian accident last year in San Francisco’s Castro district turned a lot of heads with the severity of implications facing the cyclist who killed a pedestrian by hitting him with his bicycle. I have been following this story from the start to the present, as I believe this tragedy has great meaning to both the bicycle and pedestrian communities. And I believe this story increases the enmity between bicyclists and, well, everyone. First, let me say that if Bucchere is indeed guilty, then he should be held 100% accountable. I am likely to get a…
-Posted On July 12, 2013 In Pedestrian Accident-

San Francisco Trying to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener recently introduced a package of legislation intended to address challenges with pedestrian safety. Last year in San Francisco, 964 people were hit by vehicles, and 19 were killed, according to a pedestrian advocacy group’s review of Police Department data. Unfortunately, pedestrian safety projects are still lagging behind the growing need. It’s high time that something productive be accomplished to help protect San Francisco pedestrians. This is a walking City and masses of tourists strolling all over town increase the exposure of pedestrians to motor vehicles here in our City by the Bay. Apparently, Wiener’s legislation…
-Posted On June 12, 2013 In Bicycle Accidents-

Marin Headlands Bicyclists Soon Will Enjoy Safer Roads

I am happy to report to San Francisco Bay Area bicyclists and motorists alike that Project Headlands is well underway. Designed to reconfigure and improve Marin Headlands’ roads, particularly on the dangerous stretch of Alexander Avenue near Sausalito, all types of travelers will benefit, including motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and those in public transit. Phase one started in 2010, improving several of the turnouts in the Marin Headlands that feature magnificent views of the Golden Gate. Phase two has been underway for a few months and will continue on into 2014, promising to increase the safety of the road for Marin…
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