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-Posted On January 3, 2016 In Uncategorized-

San Francisco’s Vision Zero: Out Of Focus?

Anyone that follows my articles knows my passion for pedestrian safety and my support of Vision Zero, the plan adopted by San Francisco and other cities across the nation, to reduce and eliminate pedestrian fatalities over the next 10 years. Even with all the support and activism Vision Zero has received, San Francisco pedestrian accidents keep happening at the same dangerously high rage, and more innocent pedestrians keep getting injured or killed. Such is the case for Soren Kim and his wife Hana,who have been taking turns pulling 24 hour shifts at the hospital, watching over their daughter after she…
-Posted On January 1, 2016 In Head and Brain Injuries-

Eye Injury Lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Having the ability to see is something that some people take for granted. Eyes are very complex parts of our bodies, so the fact that eye maintenance is minimal could be why it is easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to see. All we have to do is wake up in the morning, and our eyes are all set to go. We use them all day long, then we go to bed, and when we wake up, they’re ready to go. Our eye injury lawyers understand that sometimes, this whole process can be compromised by severe…
-Posted On December 25, 2015 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

Dangerous and Defective Property Lawyers

When Julia sprained her shoulder and fractured her wrist after a faulty elevator door in her office complex closed on her, the first person she contacted was a defective property lawyer. After Josh’s trip to the community pool, his parents found what appeared to be chemical burns on his underarms and upper torso. While mom called the emergency room, dad called a defective property lawyer. These two situations have something in common: both injuries were sustained due to defective property. The owner of the first property did not properly maintain their elevator, which caused a malfunction resulting in Julia’s injury.…
-Posted On December 25, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

CHP’s Surprise Inspection of Tour Bus Company In Wake of Union Square Crash

City Sightseeing, the tour bus company involved in a horrific crash in San Francisco’s Union Square is under increased scrutiny by the California Highway Patrol, including a surprise inspection of paperwork, machinery, and bus fleet. A mechanic at the company confirmed that they had received a surprise inspection from the CHP, although the CHP has declined to comment on the investigation. “I cannot confirm that yet. Once we have information I will be happy to share with you. At this point we don’t have any information to share with you” said Daniel Hill of the California Highway Patrol. It is…
-Posted On December 22, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

San Francisco’s “Hot Cop” Pleads Not Guilty in Hit-And-Run

The “Hot Cop of the Castro” is in hot water after being identified as the driver in a felony hit-and-run recently. Christopher Kohrs, or the “Hot Cop” as he is known around the city, appeared in court for the first time since being charged with two counts of felony hit-and-run, and has pleaded not guilty.   “All I can say is everyone that was injured in the incident, I wish them all the best” said Kohrs outside of the courtroom this past Wednesday morning.   Kohrs allegedly struck two individuals last weekend, while they were crossing a street in…
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