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Could Google’s Crazy Idea Reduce Pedestrian Injuries?

posted by Claude Wyle, on May 20, 2016

Google was just awarded a patent for an adhesive car front, and this San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney thinks they may be onto something good. A patent granted to Google this past week shows a pedestrian victim of a car crash “glued” to the car after impact, due to an…

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Help Victims Recover

posted by dcmmoguls, on February 5, 2016

At Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle, our pedestrian accident lawyers are very serious when it comes to ensuring that justice is served when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Drivers are obligated to pay attention to their surroundings while driving. Any moment of lapse in attention or reckless driving behavior can cause…

Vision Zero: Seeing Some Success in San Francisco

posted by Claude Wyle, on October 24, 2015

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I’m a big advocate for Vision Zero, a campaign that San Francisco has been recently adopted to cut pedestrian death and injury in half by 2021. Vision Zero has come on the heels of a dangerous 2014 for pedestrians, with nearly 100…

The Right Accident Lawyer Will Help You Set Things Straight

posted by dcmmoguls, on October 16, 2015

Accidents happen all the time. People driving cars get into accidents. People doing their job have accidents. Bicyclists get into accidents. People walking down the street have accidents. Even babies have accidents. Not all accidents are the same in terms of severity or what the cause may have been. Yes,…

San Francisco Trying to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

posted by Claude Wyle, on July 12, 2013

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener recently introduced a package of legislation intended to address challenges with pedestrian safety. Last year in San Francisco, 964 people were hit by vehicles, and 19 were killed, according to a pedestrian advocacy group’s review of Police Department data. Unfortunately, pedestrian safety projects are still…

Two New Supervisors Promise to Improve San Francisco Bicycle, Pedestrian and MUNI Safety

posted by Claude Wyle, on May 2, 2013

After being elected into office November 2012, two new Supervisors London Breed and Norman Yee geared up to talk about the importance of San Francisco transportation and pedestrian safety in their neighborhoods. London Breed represents District 5 which is undergoing some major transportation improvements, including bicycle and pedestrian upgrades on…

Pedestrian Risks in San Francisco Highlight an Overall Vision

posted by Claude Wyle, on January 17, 2013

image source: When you first look at this image, what first comes to mind? A result from a computer application, capturing all of the clicks of your mouse? Radar coordinates from a secret operation? Artwork from a child? Would you believe that this image actually depicts a mapping of…

New Plan to Help Reduce San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents

posted by Claude Wyle, on December 21, 2012

San Francisco declares itself a pedestrian friendly city. And a great city like San Francisco should have an infrastructure which contributes to pedestrian safety. Pedestrian safety is an integral result of careful civil engineering and traffic engineering. San Francisco has a lot of pedestrians, and sadly, San Francisco has a…

San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents High Already: Continuing to Rise

posted by Claude Wyle, on August 13, 2012

Just when we thought that San Francisco has seen enough pedestrian injuries and fatalities, a new study is released indicating that this trend is continuing and unfortunately pedestrian fatalities are on the uprise. I am pleased to report that San Francisco plans to implement new measures to improve pedestrian safety.…

Another Pedestrian Hit-and-Run in San Francisco

posted by Claude Wyle, on July 5, 2012

I feel that it is my duty as a member of the San Francisco Bay Area community to keep the issue of hit-and-run collisions in the news, hoping that the culpable parties can be brought to justice and hoping that, if they are prosecuted, this will be a deterrent to…



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