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-Posted On March 27, 2017 In Bus Accident-

93 Year Old Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck By Cable Car In San Francisco

93 year old pedestrian died last Monday from injuries suffered after being struck by a cable car while he was walking in a crosswalk on Mason Street in San Francisco. According to the S.F.P.D., the cable car was traveling southbound when it struck the pedestrian, knocking him down and causing the serious injuries which led to his death. The Powell-Mason cable car line was shut down while authorities cleared the scene to allow for normal service to resume. An investigation by the Associated Press in 2013 found that in the past 10 years, San Francisco has averaged one cable…
-Posted On November 13, 2015 In Bus Accident-

Injured and In Need of a Dedicated Bus Accident Lawyer

Here are some examples of when someone might need the help of a bus accident lawyer: While riding the morning bus to get to work, John gave up his seat to an elderly passenger. As a frequent bus passenger, he always made sure to relinquish his seat to anyone who looked like they could use it more. A few minutes after his act of kindness, the bus driver misjudged a light change and went through a red, smashing directly into the side of a large dump truck. The accident was severe enough to cause serious injuries to many of the…
-Posted On January 29, 2012 In Bus Accident-

Fatal Watsonville Bus Crash May Cost Santa Cruz Transit District $500K

A fatal bus crash in February 2010 has resulted in a lawsuit filed by the family of the deceased 79-year-old Watsonville man who was killed.  The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District is now facing a $500,000 fine. First of all we extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of this elderly gentleman. The victim of this fatal Watsonville bus crash, Salvador Lopez Chipres, was using his walker while crossing in a crosswalk near the Metro Center, on Rodriquez Street and West Lake Avenue, on February 4, 2010 when he was struck by the bus driver as she was making…
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