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-Posted On December 11, 2015 In Dangerous Intersections-

If It Wasn’t Built Right, It Needs to Be Fixed – Dangerous Roadway Lawyers

Aside from helping victims of dangerous roadway injuries receive just compensation for their injuries, what exactly can a dangerous roadway lawyer do to help ensure the general safety of other passengers? Michael was driving to work when he noticed a detour sign. Unfamiliar with the new route, he made sure he was driving with extra caution as he navigated through a work zone, past some construction zones, and through a pedestrian area. Another car went past the sign that indicated they veer to the left to drive on the other side of the road, divided by traffic cones. Michael noted…
-Posted On September 12, 2007 In Dangerous Intersections-

Bicyclists Strike Back

The San Francisco bicycling community is in an uproar after the latest truck bicycle crash which occurred this last Monday, in which a woman was struck by a truck while her bicycle at the intersection of Octavia and Market Streets in San Francisco. The truck driver was making an illegal right hand turn, and fled the scene without stopping. He was later stopped by police and cited for the illegal right turn. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition held a demonstration Friday to demand that the City fix what they call a “dangerous situation” at the intersection and freeway on-ramp. The…
-Posted On August 29, 2007 In Dangerous Intersections-

San Francisco Intersections, A Danger to Bicyclists and Pedestrians

It is no secret that San Francisco maintains some of California’s most dangerous intersections for bicyclists and pedestrians. Masonic-Fell and Market-Octavia are two of the most notorious for bicycle accidents. These intersections pose a particular problem to cyclists and pedestrians because cars are forced to turn without dedicated lanes or signals. Numerous deaths and serious injuries have occurred at dangerous San Francisco intersections, and now Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi is working to resolve this ongoing problem. Until these intersections are made safe, injured bicyclists and pedestrians will need bicycle accident and pedestrian accident attorneys. Mirkarimi is asking the San Francisco Municipal…
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