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Discovering the Benefits of Hiring a Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer

posted in Serious Injuries, by dcmmoguls, on February 26, 2016

Ever since his motorcycle accident, things have been very different from the way they used to be. When he was 19 years old, Samuel used to race his motorcycle competitively on closed courses. He had ridden motorcycles since he was 15, and many said he was destined to be one…

If You Were Injured By a Product Now Recalled, Contact a Recall Product Lawyer Today

posted in Defective and Dangerous Products, by dcmmoguls, on February 19, 2016

Some might remember the issue a car company had to face recently where their accelerator pedals were getting stuck to the floor. The results of this manufacturer defect were car accidents that led to trauma, severe injury, and, in some cases, death. The cars were immediately recalled, and the defect…

Choosing an Injury Attorney You Can Trust

posted in Personal Injury, by dcmmoguls, on February 12, 2016

The personal injury lawyers at the law firm of Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle have accumulated over 40 collective years of experience representing clients who have suffered from serious injury. One of the most common reasons why we see so many clients in this field of law is the fact that…

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Help Victims Recover

posted in Pedestrian Accident, by dcmmoguls, on February 5, 2016

At Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle, our pedestrian accident lawyers are very serious when it comes to ensuring that justice is served when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Drivers are obligated to pay attention to their surroundings while driving. Any moment of lapse in attention or reckless driving behavior can cause…

MUNI Accidents Happen and That’s When You Need a MUNI Accident Lawyer

posted in Muni Accident, by dcmmoguls, on January 29, 2016

While crossing the street in a pedestrian crosswalk, a local high school student was clipped by a passing MUNI bus that turned into the pedestrian walkway without checking to see if someone was in it. While driving her hatchback to a Giants’ game, a young woman was rear-ended very hard…

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in the Bay Area and Beyond

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by dcmmoguls, on January 22, 2016

Amateur motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country convene in the Bay Area. Driving up and down the hills of the city, to catch scenic glimpses of the historic buildings, bridges, and communities that have made this part of the world appealing to so many. On the outskirts of the city…

If You Have Been Injured at Work, Then You Need an Injured at Work Lawyer

posted in Work Injury, by dcmmoguls, on January 15, 2016

Harold was working the late shift at the local diner. Business was slow, so he decided to help prepare some of the silverware sets. While walking a bin of forks over to the sink, he tripped over that crack in the linoleum that he’d been complaining about for months. At…

Head Injury Victim? Enlist an Experienced Head Injury Lawyer Now

posted in Head and Brain Injuries, by dcmmoguls, on January 8, 2016

Martha went to school to pick up her two youngest children. Just like any other day, she expected that the route would take a total of 27 minutes, from the front door to the school, and back to the front door. Since she had to get back in time for…

San Francisco’s First Elevated Bike Lane

posted in Bicycle Injuries Bikes and California Law Uncategorized, by Claude Wyle, on January 7, 2016

San Francisco just took bike safety to new heights, literally. The city’s Municipal Transportation Agency just debuted it’s first ever raised bike path, in an attempt to provide a few blocks of protection in the heart of downtown. The lane stretches along Market Street, from Gough to 12th, and is…

Victims and Mayor Speak Out On San Francisco Tour Bus Crash

posted in Automobile Accident, by Claude Wyle, on January 5, 2016

In the wake of the terrible tour bus crash in Union Square earlier this month, victims have begun speaking out and even Mayor Lee is beginning to take action. Dr. Manuel Canga, who was on his way to an embassy downtown, simply took a wrong turn into Union Square, finding…

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