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-Posted On April 27, 2023 In Brain Injury,Personal Injury,Serious Injuries-

Traumatic Brain Injuries Often Require Lifelong Care

Author: Claude Wyle New research from Ohio State University shows that not all traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) stabilize over time, as previously thought. The study found that there is a great need for both doctors and patients to recognize that traumatic brain injury should be treated as a dynamic and chronic condition. A brain injury may require extended care, perhaps for a lifetime, and head injury patients need better access to resources to live as fully and as independently as possible. More than 1.5 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries every year. A TBI is most often caused by…
-Posted On September 21, 2018 In Serious Injuries-

San Francisco Bay Area And Northern California Disaster Claims: Earthquakes, Fires, and Floods

California has become increasingly notorious for our major catastrophes, including among other disasters, earthquakes , fires and floods. If disaster strikes, whether a person is covered by homeowner’s insurance or not, what many people don’t realize is that injury lawyers are often the best source of help. Whether you need help filing a claim for property damage or personal injuries arising from a disaster, or whether you need help seeking accountability from those responsible for a disaster, consulting with a San Francisco injury attorney is undoubtedly a great place to start. A San Francisco personal injury lawyer will be…
-Posted On April 26, 2017 In Personal Injury,Serious Injuries-

San Francisco’s Buster Posey Back In Lineup After Concussion

Busty Posey, star catcher of the San Francisco Giants, should be back in the lineup after missing the past six games due to a concussion. The Giants had announced that Posey would be activated after sitting for seven-days on the concussion disabled list. Posey was injured on April 10th, when he was hit in the helmet by an errant pitch from Tiaijuan Walker, of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Posey had gotten off to a great start in 2017 before the injury, and has appeared in at least 146 games each of the last five seasons. Although Giants fans are happy…
-Posted On February 26, 2016 In Serious Injuries-

Discovering the Benefits of Hiring a Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer

Ever since his motorcycle accident, things have been very different from the way they used to be. When he was 19 years old, Samuel used to race his motorcycle competitively on closed courses. He had ridden motorcycles since he was 15, and many said he was destined to be one of the next greatest. Everything changed one tragic day for him when a drunk driver lost control and slammed into Samuel as he was cruising along the surface streets of San Francisco. The immediate impact knocked him out cold, but when he awoke, he knew his life would never be…
-Posted On October 23, 2015 In Serious Injuries-

Hire an Amputation Lawyer Who Can Get You Everything You Deserve

John went into work at the construction site thinking about the Giants game later that day, not about whether or not he would eventually require an amputation lawyer. As he was prepping a load for a forklift, the machinery’s driving mechanism malfunctioned, and it caused the vehicle to tip over onto its side. John’s life changed when he was flung forward, casting his arm under the weight of the load, and crushing it beyond repair. Accidents that involve amputations are traumatic in many ways. The victim will have to live without the use of a limb as well as deal…
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