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-Posted On January 3, 2012 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Will By-passing This Dangerous California Road Reduce Car and Motorcycle Accidents?

The infamous Devil’s Slide stretch of Highway 1 (SR-1) is currently slated to be closed permanently to cars and motorcycles in late 2012 when the Devil’s Slide Tunnel Project will be hopefully completed, offering a solution to this notoriously unstable and unsafe section of highway. As the location of so many motorcycle and car injuries and fatalities, this stretch of Highway 1 on the beautiful California coast has developed a very bad reputation over the last decades as an accident location.  And also, as a landslide-prone section of highway, Devil’s Slide is often closed whenever there is a storm, as…
-Posted On January 2, 2012 In Dog Bites-

Pit Bull Attack in California Results in Death

In August 2011, a thirty-two year-old woman in Pacifica, California died tragically after being attacked by her pit bull. The woman’s husband came home to find the woman lying on the floor, severely injured. He called for medical assistance and the emergency responders who arrived pronounced her dead on the scene. Police officers had to shoot and kill the dog because it approached the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who were trying to revive the woman. This unfortunate incident emphasizes the importance of knowing California’s laws regarding dog bites and what remedies are available to those who suffer injuries as a…
-Posted On December 31, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

Mission District Car Meets Bicycle Crash Sends Bicyclist to Hospital

I must report that a Mission district bicycle car crash caused serious personal injuries a few nights ago. A cyclist went out for a ride on Wednesday night, December 21st only to be struck by a car and to suffer personal injuries at about 8:19pm at 17th and Valencia in San Francisco.  The injuries were serious enough to necessitate a visit to the hospital. Fortunately, the cyclist was conscious and talking as police blocked 17th Street to traffic to allow emergency crews to respond.  According to the police a four-door Toyota sedan with front-end damage was stopped near the scene…
-Posted On December 27, 2011 In Muni Accident-

Another San Francisco MUNI Bus Pedestrian Death

With sympathy, and frustration I report another San Francisco MUNI vs. pedestrian fatality which occurred last month. The MUNI death happened on Mission St. between 5th and 6th Streets on Sunday, November 13, 2011. Over a month later, this injury news is still important, and should not be hidden and ignored. Failing to pay attention while driving or driving recklessly can and often does lead to serious personal injuries or even deaths.  It is essential that the details and facts surrounding these types of MUNI accidents be uncovered, with hopes of learning from past mistakes.  Changing unreasonable conduct by MUNI…
-Posted On December 22, 2011 In Automobile Accident-

NTSB Expresses Concerns About Distracted Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommends a ban on all personal electronic devices while driving.  Despite the new fines imposed in California for texting-while-driving from a cell phone while driving an automobile, I still hear about fatal accidents and serious personal injuries which result from this most obvious form of distracted driving.  I am supportive of NTSB’s recent decision to recommend a national ban on the usage of all personal electronic devices while driving a motor vehicle.  NTSB bases its decision on findings from various national statistics on distracted driving, as I have also discussed in the past. …
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