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-Posted On July 12, 2013 In Pedestrian Accident-

San Francisco Trying to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener recently introduced a package of legislation intended to address challenges with pedestrian safety. Last year in San Francisco, 964 people were hit by vehicles, and 19 were killed, according to a pedestrian advocacy group’s review of Police Department data. Unfortunately, pedestrian safety projects are still lagging behind the growing need. It’s high time that something productive be accomplished to help protect San Francisco pedestrians. This is a walking City and masses of tourists strolling all over town increase the exposure of pedestrians to motor vehicles here in our City by the Bay. Apparently, Wiener’s legislation…
-Posted On June 12, 2013 In Bicycle Accidents-

Marin Headlands Bicyclists Soon Will Enjoy Safer Roads

I am happy to report to San Francisco Bay Area bicyclists and motorists alike that Project Headlands is well underway. Designed to reconfigure and improve Marin Headlands’ roads, particularly on the dangerous stretch of Alexander Avenue near Sausalito, all types of travelers will benefit, including motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and those in public transit. Phase one started in 2010, improving several of the turnouts in the Marin Headlands that feature magnificent views of the Golden Gate. Phase two has been underway for a few months and will continue on into 2014, promising to increase the safety of the road for Marin…
-Posted On May 23, 2013 In Serious Injuries-

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Chronic Pain After an Injury

As a Personal Injury Attorney, I work with clients who suffer pain from their injuries. Often times, doctors, insurance companies and even loved ones of those injured tend to focus on when an injured person SHOULD BE healed, and then expect all to be well, even though the injured person is still suffering. Then, sometimes, the insurance companies, the doctors, and even family members lose faith in the veracity of the client’s pain or suffering, and conflict begins. We have found over the many years in personal injury practice that human beings don’t all heal at the same rate.…
-Posted On May 16, 2013 In Wrongful Death-

Chris Bucchere Trial May Bring Out Surprises About This Pedestrian Death

I previously covered a story about Chris Bucchere’s fatal bicycle vs. pedestrian accident last year, and now feel inclined to comment again. Mr. Bucchere, 36 years old, is now ordered to stand trial on a felony vehicular manslaughter charge for this fatality which occurred in the Castro district of San Francisco while he was riding through the intersection on his bicycle purportedly at 35 m.p.h. in a 25 m.p.h. zone. I’m a San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorney and I recognize that yes, a pedestrian was hit and killed, and I recognize the tragedy. My heart goes out to the family…
-Posted On May 9, 2013 In Muni Accident-

San Francisco Cable Car Accidents Make Cable Cars a Financial Loss

This is not the first time I’ve written about the dangers of the San Francisco Cable Car. The statistics for accidents and costs to the city of San Francisco are staggering. We have to ask, ‘Is it worth it to keep this antique and nostalgic form of transportation available to the masses of tourists and San Francisco locals?’ The revenue generated to San Francisco, either directly to the MUNI or indirectly, seems a bit hard to get a grasp on. If we just look at the numbers people are paying to ride the cable cars, versus then payout the City…
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