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-Posted On August 7, 2017 In Uncategorized-

Unimaginable Horror

It can occur from a work accident, car crash, from medications such as a diabetes drug, a dangerous product, malpractice, an innocent looking amusement park ride that malfunctions, substandard or failed surgery, assault, animal attack or a multitude of other causes. But regardless how it happens, the amputation of a finger, toe or limb changes a person’s life forever. Compensation At the San Francisco law offices of Choulos, Choulos & Wyle our experienced Amputation Lawyers can help recover money for your pain and suffering. When you or someone you care for suffers amputation, they are entitled to compensation for: Physical…
-Posted On July 31, 2017 In Uncategorized-

Fighting for Justice in Big-Rig Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), an estimated 3,921 people are killed and 104,000 people are injured annually in crashes involving large trucks. There is no doubt that a collision with an 18 wheeler is a traumatic experience and usually results in serious injuries. Causes and Fault Truck driver fatigue, poor maintenance, an overloaded truck or another form of negligence, are often the causes of big rig trucking accidents. It is not your fault. But most individuals have no idea how to gather pertinent information or prove negligence of the big rig driver or how to file a…
-Posted On June 9, 2017 In Truck Accident-

Trucking Boom May Help California Economy, But California Truck Accidents Cause Many Serious Personal Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

Over the past few years in the United States, no industry has grown quite like the trucking industry. The nation moves over 70% of its shipping freight via trucks, and the trucking industry alone generated $700 billion dollars in 2015. This boom opened up a massive job market for individuals looking to get into shipping, logistics, and an increase in job vacancies for drivers, at more than 115,000 vacancies in 2015 alone. With an estimated 8.9 million people employed in truck-related jobs, it’s important for those involved and behind the wheel and in the trucking company offices to keep…
-Posted On June 7, 2017 In Uncategorized-

Two Car Passengers Killed In Fatal Car vs Truck Crash Near Oakland

A man and a girl were killed on Interstate Highway 880 in Oakland earlier this month when a white box truck, which had been sitting disabled on the right shoulder, was hit by a black BMW that had been speeding north before veering off the road, striking the truck, according to authorities. Immediately after striking the truck, the BMW re-entered the freeway, and was then subsequently struck by a Ford F-250, said the California Highway Patrol. A man and girl were sitting in the back of the BMW at the time of the crash, and were both killed as a…
-Posted On June 5, 2017 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Fatal Crash Between Motorcycle And Truck Blocks Marin’s Shoreline Highway

A Marin County motorcycle accident between a bike and a septic truck in Bolinas proved fatal earlier last month, according to California Highway Patrol. Reported late in the morning around 10:30am on state Highway 1 near Olema Bolina Road, emergency crews first on the scene noted that “the motorcyclist received immediate medical attention but was pronounced deceased on the scene a short time later.”My heart goes out to the family of this fallen biker. How quickly a wonderfully fun ride can turn tragic! Although the investigation remains open, Marin-Area CHP Spokesman Andrew Barclay did note that: “… Our preliminary investigation…
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