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Fatal Sonoma County Scooter Crash On Highway 101 Caused By Hit and Run Truck Who Hit Pole

The California Highway Patrol are on the lookout for the driver of a red and white Freightliner truck because the truck driver struck a pole on Highway 101, in Sonoma County, causing a fatal scooter accident when a scooter rider could not avoid the fallen pole. Pamela A Warren, a Santa Rosa resident, was thrown from her scooter and struck by a vehicle heading northbound on US Highway 101 after she struck a light pole that was knocked down across two lanes of traffic just north of River Road by a big-rig truck. The big-rig, a red and white Freightliner…
-Posted On May 24, 2016 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

California Non-Profit Alleges that E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer

A California lawsuit filed by a non-profit group claims that e-cigarettes cause cancer, and that manufacturers failed to warn customers of two cancer-causing chemicals as well as the potential health effects nicotine use. RJ Reynolds (Vuse), Fontem/Imperial Tobacco (Blu) and NJOY have been named in the suit. The Center for Environmental Health said that 90% of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and other vaping products purchased from major retailers such as RiteAid and 7-Eleven were found to contain formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, or both; two chemicals known to cause cancer that have also been linked to genetic damages, birth defects, and reduced fertility. Under…
-Posted On May 20, 2016 In Automobile Accident,Pedestrian Accident-

Could Google’s Crazy Idea Reduce Pedestrian Injuries?

Google was just awarded a patent for an adhesive car front, and this San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney thinks they may be onto something good. A patent granted to Google this past week shows a pedestrian victim of a car crash “glued” to the car after impact, due to an adhesive vehicle front designed to limit pedestrian injuries. The patent describes how a pedestrian would become stuck to the hood and bumper when struck, potentially preventing a secondary blow and further pedestrian injuries to the victim where they may have previously bounced off the car, striking the windshield, roof,…
-Posted On March 18, 2016 In Wrongful Death-

Working Through The Pain of Losing Someone? Let a Wrongful Death Lawyer Help

Bob was on his usual Sunday walk, on his way to his favorite coffee shop to read his latest selection from the library. The kids were out camping with friends, and his wife was out getting some errands done. When he went to plug in his phone charger at the coffee shop, he was struck with a shocking jolt of electricity that emanated from the socket, and at a moment’s notice, his heart had already come to a stop. One of the most unfortunate certainties in life is that it comes to an end, and many times that come when…
-Posted On March 11, 2016 In Work Injury-

On the Job: Work Related Injuries

While checking on food supplies in advance of her restaurant’s lunchtime rush, an unfortunate employee found out the hard way what it is like when the delivery person stacks a delivery wrong and exceeds the weight limit for boxes of food left in the hallway outside the freezer. four boxes of frozen chicken fell over , landing on the employee’s back and causing her a herniated disc. She missed work for three weeks while she recovered enough to go on light duty, but even then, as someone who worked on her feet in food prep,  and who had to lift…
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