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-Posted On January 29, 2016 In Muni Accident-

MUNI Accidents Happen and That’s When You Need a MUNI Accident Lawyer

While crossing the street in a pedestrian crosswalk, a local high school student was clipped by a passing MUNI bus that turned into the pedestrian walkway without checking to see if someone was in it. While driving her hatchback to a Giants’ game, a young woman was rear-ended very hard by a MUNI bus who did not brake on time. At that same time, someone on that MUNI bus that crashed into the woman’s hatchback fell off the seat and broke their arm. Three different people’s accidents were described here, and all three of them could stand to benefit greatly…
-Posted On November 1, 2015 In Muni Accident-

In An Effort to Reduce Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths, San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority Makes Safe Driving Video For City Truckers Part of Training

Some say “too little, too late” however I think when it comes to commuter and pedestrian safety, every little bit helps. That’s why I’m happy to announce that the SFMTA has just produced the City’s first training video to help assist its truck and bus drivers with navigating the hectic urban environment that is Downtown San Francisco. SFMTA will be requiring all truck and bus drivers employed or contracted by the City to watch the video, with the requirements extending out to companies which operate under SFMTA’s private shuttle programs as well. The video outlines the bike and pedestrian infrastructures…
-Posted On May 9, 2013 In Muni Accident-

San Francisco Cable Car Accidents Make Cable Cars a Financial Loss

This is not the first time I’ve written about the dangers of the San Francisco Cable Car. The statistics for accidents and costs to the city of San Francisco are staggering. We have to ask, ‘Is it worth it to keep this antique and nostalgic form of transportation available to the masses of tourists and San Francisco locals?’ The revenue generated to San Francisco, either directly to the MUNI or indirectly, seems a bit hard to get a grasp on. If we just look at the numbers people are paying to ride the cable cars, versus then payout the City…
-Posted On February 13, 2013 In Muni Accident-

San Francisco Cable Car Accident Sends Seven to Hospital

As a San Francisco Bus Accident and Cable Car Accident Attorney, I do my best to help those injured in cable car crashes in our City by the Bay. Tourists and locals alike ride the San Francisco Cable Car, not for its speed (9 miles per hour), but for open air, convenience or nostalgia. A few years ago, I learned that the San Francisco Cable Car was perhaps the most dangerous vehicle in public transportation in the entire country. If they move so slowly, how can they cause so many injuries per mile? Obviously, we have to look at…
-Posted On November 3, 2012 In Muni Accident-

Consistently So Many San Francisco MUNI Accidents. Why?

This is no Halloween joke. Sometimes I wonder if some MUNI busses are driven by the Grim Reaper. Graphic designer, Roy Brubaker, created the image below as a message to us all. Roy drew this image while in his hospital bed after being run over by a MUNI bus. While Roy’s case is ongoing, I am not going to comment about his MUNI vs. bicycle collision; however, I wanted to express my appreciation for Roy’s creativity and ironic sense of humor. Anyone who can maintain their sense of humor while confined to a hospital bed deserves high praise. And anyone…
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