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-Posted On January 15, 2016 In Work Injury-

If You Have Been Injured at Work, Then You Need an Injured at Work Lawyer

Harold was working the late shift at the local diner. Business was slow, so he decided to help prepare some of the silverware sets. While walking a bin of forks over to the sink, he tripped over that crack in the linoleum that he’d been complaining about for months. At first, it was an intriguing sight to see at least 100 forks flying through the air. It wasn’t as exhilarating when Harold, after hitting the floor, realized that he had a fork sticking out of the palm of his hand. Long gone are the days where employees have to try…
-Posted On January 8, 2016 In Head and Brain Injuries-

Head Injury Victim? Enlist an Experienced Head Injury Lawyer Now

Martha went to school to pick up her two youngest children. Just like any other day, she expected that the route would take a total of 27 minutes, from the front door to the school, and back to the front door. Since she had to get back in time for the older siblings soccer practice, she knew the route length like the back of her hand. Only, this time, when she arrived at school, her two youngest were not where they usually waited for her. It was at this moment she went in, discovered one had fallen off of a…

San Francisco’s First Elevated Bike Lane

San Francisco just took bike safety to new heights, literally. The city’s Municipal Transportation Agency just debuted it’s first ever raised bike path, in an attempt to provide a few blocks of protection in the heart of downtown. The lane stretches along Market Street, from Gough to 12th, and is just the first of many paths scheduled for construction during the next year. San Francisco has chosen path locations based off accident prone areas of the city, and will hopefully choose the path over weaving through the sidewalk, while cars will hopefully find it more difficult to veer off…
-Posted On January 5, 2016 In Automobile Accident-

Victims and Mayor Speak Out On San Francisco Tour Bus Crash

In the wake of the terrible tour bus crash in Union Square earlier this month, victims have begun speaking out and even Mayor Lee is beginning to take action. Dr. Manuel Canga, who was on his way to an embassy downtown, simply took a wrong turn into Union Square, finding himself in the wrong place and the wrong time. Canga, who was traveling with his brother, was in a white BMW in Union Square that Friday, the 13th.   Canga describes the accident as a “big bang…like ‘bang!’…and I was like ‘oh my god! what’s happening?!” Canga was reacting to…
-Posted On January 3, 2016 In Uncategorized-

San Francisco’s Vision Zero: Out Of Focus?

Anyone that follows my articles knows my passion for pedestrian safety and my support of Vision Zero, the plan adopted by San Francisco and other cities across the nation, to reduce and eliminate pedestrian fatalities over the next 10 years. Even with all the support and activism Vision Zero has received, San Francisco pedestrian accidents keep happening at the same dangerously high rage, and more innocent pedestrians keep getting injured or killed. Such is the case for Soren Kim and his wife Hana,who have been taking turns pulling 24 hour shifts at the hospital, watching over their daughter after she…
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