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San Francisco Wrongful Death

posted by dcmmoguls, on August 24, 2018

A wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to some sort of act of negligence or wrongdoing by another person. It can also apply to medical malpractice in relatively more uncommon cases. In opposition to something such as a murder, wrongful death is typically handled as a civil lawsuit.…

Working Through The Pain of Losing Someone? Let a Wrongful Death Lawyer Help

posted by dcmmoguls, on March 18, 2016

Bob was on his usual Sunday walk, on his way to his favorite coffee shop to read his latest selection from the library. The kids were out camping with friends, and his wife was out getting some errands done. When he went to plug in his phone charger at the…

Teen Tweets About Speeding Before Killing a Bicyclist

posted by Claude Wyle, on February 27, 2014

Did tweeting about speeding on Twitter via mobile phone distract a teen from driving, and therefore cause him to lose control of his car and hit a bicyclist? If the capability to brag via the internet from a mobile device were not available, would this cyclist still be alive today?…

Claude Wyle Interviewed on NPR about the Plea Bargain for Chris Bucchere

posted by Claude Wyle, on February 12, 2014

A San Francisco software developer pled guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter after crashing his bicycle into a pedestrian and killing him. The San Francisco D.A. says it’s the first felony conviction in the country for killing someone with a bike. Despite pleading to a felony, 37-year-old Chris Bucchere won’t spend…

San Francisco MUNI Bus Safety Guards Reduce Injuries and Should Be Required

posted by Claude Wyle, on November 1, 2013

We assume that all MUNI busses in San Francisco are built with the strictest attention to safety, right? The San Francisco Municipal Railway system is an integral part of San Francisco’s infrastructure and MUNI busses transport thousands of people to and from work and home, and they keep our commerce…

Lead Industry Dodges Accountability for Injuries To Children

posted by Claude Wyle, on September 17, 2013

The lead paint industry remains successful in avoiding responsibility for the harm it has caused hundreds of thousands of children as well as the millions or billions in property damage. As a San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney representing those harmed and killed by defective products, I can speak first hand.…

Video Captures Taxi Driver Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Accident

posted by Claude Wyle, on September 10, 2013

Yes, it was raining and the visibility was not so good for this taxi driver, who was apparently in a hurry. But that doesn’t give him the right to blatantly hit a pedestrian and then drive away as if he ran over a bundle of clothes. Preferring to put this…

Chris Bucchere Plea Bargains First Bicycle Felony Manslaughter Getting Community Service and Probati

posted by Claude Wyle, on September 4, 2013

Chris Bucchere’s fatal bicycle vs. pedestrian accident last year in San Francisco’s Castro district turned a lot of heads with the severity of implications facing the cyclist who killed a pedestrian by hitting him with his bicycle. I have been following this story from the start to the present, as…

Chris Bucchere Trial May Bring Out Surprises About This Pedestrian Death

posted by Claude Wyle, on May 16, 2013

I previously covered a story about Chris Bucchere’s fatal bicycle vs. pedestrian accident last year, and now feel inclined to comment again. Mr. Bucchere, 36 years old, is now ordered to stand trial on a felony vehicular manslaughter charge for this fatality which occured in the Castro district of San…

Concord Teen Faces Vehicular Manslaughter for Killing Pedestrians on the Sidewalk

posted by Claude Wyle, on August 6, 2012

David Rosen, 17-years-old, struck and killed a 41-year-old man and his 9-year-old daughter up on the sidewalk as they were on a family bike ride one morning. Rosen lost control of his SUV Cadillac Escalade when he struck the bicyclists, sheared off a fire hydrant and careened into the brick…



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