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-Posted On May 23, 2012 In Pedestrian Accident-

Driver Blames Pedestrian Accident on Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occured last Sunday, May 20th commencing at approximately 4:30 p.m. At 7:10 p.m. at the tail end of the partial eclipse, a 26-year-old San Bruno woman driving a 1997 Audi sedan at the intersection of Grand and Walnut avenues says she was blinded by the sun. Because the driver was blinded by the sun, she claims that did not see a woman and her 10-year-old daughter in the crosswalk and that she struck the pedestrians mistakenly. It would appear that the glare from the setting sun may have impeded this driver’s view of the intersection, according…
-Posted On May 18, 2012 In Motorcycle Race Crash-

Nick Hayman’S Motorcycle Crash Recovery

Our dear friend and fellow motorcycle fanatic Nick Hayman could really use your support and good wishes now, as he is fighting hard to recover from a very serious head injury suffered in a bad fall during an AMA race a couple of Sundays ago on May 06, 2012 at Infineon Raceway. Nick is a co-owner of famed San Francisco motorcycle shop Munroe Motors and has been helping motorcycle enthusiasts for a very long time. I remember dealing with Pat Munroe a few decades ago, who was an icon in the San Francisco motorcycle scene. Pat could be a bit…
-Posted On May 1, 2012 In Automobile Accident-

New Rules Seek to Limit Risk of Distracted Driving

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced new guidelines designed to limit the risk of distracted driving by preventing the operation of infotainment systems while cars are moving. Specifically, drivers would be unable to access email, browse the internet, enter an address into a navigation system, enter a phone number or see more than 30 characters of an incoming message unless the car is stopped and out of gear. The newly proposed guidelines come at a time when many auto manufacturers are seeking to include infotainment systems – built-in electronic systems designed to allow drivers to access the…
-Posted On April 24, 2012 In PG&E Electrocution-

More PG&E Equipment Fails; Man Electrocuted Trying To Protect His Family

Recently, in San Mateo California a PG&E high voltage power line fell from a pole and onto a residential street, draping itself across the sidewalk and the street and private property, sparking and burning.  When Enrique Tello, a local resident who had been watching television with his family heard the explosion and the lights went out, he went outside to investigate. Within moments, Mr. Tello was electrocuted. Unfortunately, PG&E is trying to shift blame onto this 55-year-old man who was killed while trying to protect his family. I am concerned that PG&E has already begun a campaign of misinformation about…
-Posted On March 8, 2012 In Head and Brain Injuries-

A New Way to Speed Brain Injury Recovery Using an Old Drug Amantadine

As a San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney, I am always interested in new studies on brain injury recovery research. I also try to help my brain injured clients by providing current information on brain injury topics. Recently I learned that researchers report to have found the first treatment to speed recovery from severe brain injuries caused by falls and car crashes. The remedy is a cheap flu medicine,amantadine, an inexpensive generic, whose side benefits were discovered accidentally decades ago in the treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms–found to have an effect on the brain’s dopamine system, affecting movement and alertness. The…
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