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-Posted On February 9, 2012 In Bicycle Accidents-

Early Dawn Bicycle Accident South of Market at 5th St & Harrison St

One might think that heading out early in the morning is the safer way to travel the busy city streets of San Francisco by bicycle–with less cars on the road–but unfortunately early this morning a 26-year-old bicyclist was hit by a truck. According to the police the cyclist did not have a light on his bicycle, despite the darkness of the early dawn morning, as he rode south on 5th Street getting hit at 6:28 a.m. by a pickup truck that was turning left at Harrison Street. Thankfully, the bicyclist survived getting hit by the truck, and suffered non-life-threatening…
-Posted On February 6, 2012 In Dog Bites-

Number of Reported Dog Bites on the Rise in San Francisco

Over the last several years, many cities in California – including San Francisco – have noticed an increase in the number of reported dog bites. Because dog bites can cause severe injuries with long lasting effects, dog owners must be aware of the potential bite risks presented by their particular breeds of dog. According to statistics cited by Rebecca Katz, chief of San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control Department, over the last two years there were 766 reported bites in the city. In the prior two year period, only 543 dog bites were reported. Katz attributed the increase to more…
-Posted On February 2, 2012 In Head and Brain Injuries-

Photosensitivity Sensory Disorder Follows Traumatic Brain Injury

As a traumatic brain injury attorney, I am always interested in new information on head injury.  I am proud to live in San Francisco where we can boast that our main city and county hospital has received a prestigious brain trauma certification in the treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI). As a San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney, it is a part of my job to show how TBI  dramatically affects the lives of brain injured people and their families. In many cases, these injuries leave individuals permanently disabled, or in need of months, and sometimes years, of rehabilitation and…
-Posted On January 29, 2012 In Bus Accident-

Fatal Watsonville Bus Crash May Cost Santa Cruz Transit District $500K

A fatal bus crash in February 2010 has resulted in a lawsuit filed by the family of the deceased 79-year-old Watsonville man who was killed.  The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District is now facing a $500,000 fine. First of all we extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of this elderly gentleman. The victim of this fatal Watsonville bus crash, Salvador Lopez Chipres, was using his walker while crossing in a crosswalk near the Metro Center, on Rodriquez Street and West Lake Avenue, on February 4, 2010 when he was struck by the bus driver as she was making…
-Posted On January 26, 2012 In Automobile Accident-

Fatal Crash by UCSF Shuttle Driver: Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of my main topics lately on this blog for a reason.  Distracted driving is the cause of many automobile collisions, including fatal collisions.  In a recent post last month, I was happy to learn that due to concerns about distracted driving the NTSB recommends a ban on personal devices.  The NTSB has a focus on safety and that focus does not seem to be watered down by politics or inconvenience to cell phone users. Should all cell phone use be banned, even hands free cell phone use? This is an interesting debate and I would…
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