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-Posted On November 7, 2011 In Bicycle Injuries-

San Francisco Bicycle Messengers

I’ve previously written about bicycle safety tips to help my fellow cyclists by promoting what I think are some of the safest cycling habits.  Cycling is supposed to be about fun, healthy exercise and it should also help us to relate well to the environment.   Safe bicycling habits will help to prevent bicycle accidents, particularly bicycle collisions with cars, and thereby bicycle injuries. As a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney, my experience has taught me that some of the most common threats are found where you might least expect them, so following these simple precautions may help you avoid…
-Posted On October 24, 2011 In Motorcycle Accidents-

San Jose Motorcyclist Lost His Life Due to Ladders On the Highway

With anger and more than a little frustration I need to report to you that a motorcyclist was killed one evening last week after he ran over two fiberglass ladders in the middle of Highway 101. This collision sent him off of his motorcycle and into oncoming traffic where he was hit by a car. First, to his family, please accept my heartfelt condolences and sincerest best wishes during this horrible time. As bikers, we try to avoid motorcycle accidents by pretending that we are invisible, knowing that cars will drive right into us if given half the chance. We…
-Posted On October 17, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Repainting Green Bike Lanes

In December 2009, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) painted the city’s bike lanes green in an effort to make them more visible to motorists. However, by July 2011, SFMTA needed to repaint the lanes after a series of bicycle accidents demonstrated that the lanes were far too dangerous for bicyclists. Many bicyclists complained that the paint was too slippery, making it difficult to stop – especially in the rain. A police officer on a motorcycle even had an accident because of the slick paint on the roadway. The SFMTA repainted the lanes in the same color, but used…
-Posted On October 12, 2011 In Head and Brain Injuries-

Prestigious Traumatic Brain Injury Certification Awarded to San Francisco General

I am proud to live in a city where our city and county hospital has received a prestigious brain trauma certification in the treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  San Francisco General Hospital deserves the honor to be the first trauma treatment center in San Francisco county, indeed in the country, to receive this certification because of their leading edge technology, medical skills, neuro-monitoring capabilities, imaging technologies and research. Dr. Geoff Manley, San Francisco General’s Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Geoffrey Manley stated, “I truly believe this new certification effort by The Joint Commission can lead to improved care for traumatic…
-Posted On October 10, 2011 In Motorcycle Community-

Chris Siglin, Sponsored by Choulos, Choulos & Wyle Wins AFM #1 Plate In Season Finale

He did it!  Chris Siglin wins AFM Formula Pacific Championship! Choulos Choulos & Wyle sponsored race team wins the local motorcycle racing championship. The final round of the 2011 AFM Formula Pacific championship showed Siglin at his best on his BayAreaRidersForum Racing BMW S1000RR.  Siglin’s second-place finish placed earned him the top spot in the 2011 Formula Pacific Championship. As a San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney, and avid motorcyclist and sponsor of the BARF team, Choulos Choulos and Wyle is proud of Chris and the crew and of everyone who made this possible. Onwards and upwards!…
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