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-Posted On November 21, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

Speed Cameras – Coming To A Road Near You

Speed Cameras. They’re like redlight cameras for your gas pedal. Speed cameras use laser sensors to track a car’s speed and issue tickets in much the same way redlight cameras issue tickets for violators. Installed in various big cities around the country, speed cameras are thought to be the next wave in road safety, and they’re coming to California.   Currently they’re illegal, but that may not always be the case. Speed cameras are gaining more and more advocates by the day, and they’re aimed at tackling the number 1 killer on our streets, which is excessive driver speed.  …
-Posted On November 20, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

Caught in a Wreck? Car Accident Lawyers are Here to Help

Car accident lawyers are crucial when it comes to filing for compensation following car accidents. While it is possible to take on these types of cases for recovery from losses alone, it is a much wiser decision to enlist the skills of an experienced auto accident lawyer. It is best to hire one who can help gather all of the key information in a way that can be best presented to earn you maximum compensation. Auto accident lawyers assist the victims of all types of car accidents, such as dangerous roadway accidents, auto vs. motorcycle, bus accidents, and uninsured or…
-Posted On November 15, 2015 In Bicycle Accidents,Bicycle Community,Bicycle Injuries-

Woman Killed In St. Helena Bicycle Accident

A woman was struck and killed in St. Helena this past week, after her bicycle ran into the side of a box truck on Main Street. The woman was vacationing with her husband who she had just recently married.   She entered Main Street from a private driveway, turning left out of the driveway, striking the passenger side of a box truck at a right angle, hitting midway between the cab and back axle.   She and the bike fell under the wheels of the truck, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband was right behind her when…
-Posted On November 13, 2015 In Bus Accident-

Injured and In Need of a Dedicated Bus Accident Lawyer

Here are some examples of when someone might need the help of a bus accident lawyer: While riding the morning bus to get to work, John gave up his seat to an elderly passenger. As a frequent bus passenger, he always made sure to relinquish his seat to anyone who looked like they could use it more. A few minutes after his act of kindness, the bus driver misjudged a light change and went through a red, smashing directly into the side of a large dump truck. The accident was severe enough to cause serious injuries to many of the…
-Posted On November 8, 2015 In Bicycle Accidents,Bicycle Community,Bicycle Injuries-

Mother Credits Police With Spending Time, and Money, to Help Injured Son

As a bicycle accident lawyer, I must report on so many horrible events, in the hope that we may learn from them and improve the safety of our community. This can make my blog more often than not very negative. Well, I am happy to report that out of one tragedy and disaster arises a little bit of inspiration. Orion Benson, a 10 year old who was struck while riding his bike to school, is expected to make a full recovery from his life-threatening-injuries, and his mother, Sandy Benson, is giving part of the credit to the heroic acts of…
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