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-Posted On May 24, 2016 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

California Non-Profit Alleges that E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer

A California lawsuit filed by a non-profit group claims that e-cigarettes cause cancer, and that manufacturers failed to warn customers of two cancer-causing chemicals as well as the potential health effects nicotine use. RJ Reynolds (Vuse), Fontem/Imperial Tobacco (Blu) and NJOY have been named in the suit. The Center for Environmental Health said that 90% of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and other vaping products purchased from major retailers such as RiteAid and 7-Eleven were found to contain formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, or both; two chemicals known to cause cancer that have also been linked to genetic damages, birth defects, and reduced fertility. Under…
-Posted On February 19, 2016 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

If You Were Injured By a Product Now Recalled, Contact a Recall Product Lawyer Today

Some might remember the issue a car company had to face recently where their accelerator pedals were getting stuck to the floor. The results of this manufacturer defect were car accidents that led to trauma, severe injury, and, in some cases, death. The cars were immediately recalled, and the defect had to be fixed. Had it not been for the swift action of recall product lawyers, there might have been many victims left uncompensated for the grief and pain they had to endure on behalf of the product they purchased with the idea of ensuring their safety while driving. Recall…
-Posted On December 25, 2015 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

Dangerous and Defective Property Lawyers

When Julia sprained her shoulder and fractured her wrist after a faulty elevator door in her office complex closed on her, the first person she contacted was a defective property lawyer. After Josh’s trip to the community pool, his parents found what appeared to be chemical burns on his underarms and upper torso. While mom called the emergency room, dad called a defective property lawyer. These two situations have something in common: both injuries were sustained due to defective property. The owner of the first property did not properly maintain their elevator, which caused a malfunction resulting in Julia’s injury.…
-Posted On December 18, 2015 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

Defective Product Attorneys are More Frequently Used Than You Think

Did you ever have that special thrill swept from underneath you when you were a child? You bought a brand new toy, only to find when you got home that it was missing a limb or light, or, even worse, donning that catch phrase on the packaging: batteries not included? It was like being given a candy only to find it was rotten after tasting it. Now try to remember if you’ve ever had a product whose defect was so prominent that it actually caused you harm. When a consumer purchases a product, it is rightfully their expectation that the…
-Posted On December 4, 2015 In Defective and Dangerous Products-

A Dangerous Product Lawyer Will Help Set the Record Straight

Dangerous product lawyers come across all types of cases involving dangerous and defective products, which lead to serious injury and sometimes death. Your children were playing in the hot, summer sun, enjoying their free time from school by splashing around in a new slip and slide type setup with a pool at the end. They were having such a great time laughing and building summertime memories, that you decided to set down your gardening tools, put on your swim trunks, and take a turn down the slippery slope to the pool. You were ready to relive a piece of your…
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