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-Posted On January 12, 2010 In Bicycle Injuries-

Redline Recalls of Dangerous and Defective Bicycles

I need to alert you today about a bicycle recall. The bike in question is the 2010 Redline Conquest Pro Bicycles and Framesets. There were about 350 of these bikes sold, and they were distributed by Seattle Bike Supply, of Kent, Washington. The bikes are hazardous because the bicycle’s fork legs can separate from the fork crown and cause the bike rider to lose control, posing a risk of serious injury if the rider falls and there is a bike crash. This recall involves all units of this popular cyclocross bike, which was sold in pearl white/blue; they…
-Posted On December 13, 2009 In Bicycle Injuries-

Preventing children’s bicycling accidents and injuries

One of the reasons bicycling so often leads to injuries is that parents treat their child’s bicycle as a toy. They’re not toys, they’re vehicles. Ray Hall, cycling and road safety instructor says, “You wouldn’t give your child a mini-bike and say go out and play, and bikes should be treated like a mini-bike because they have the same power as a mini-bike or mini-motorcycle. So if you think of it as a small motorcycle, then it’s more obvious how you should deal with the machines,” and be alert for the possibility of bicycle accidents leading to injuries in children.…
-Posted On December 10, 2009 In Bicycle Injuries-

Teaching your children how to avoid bicycle accidents and injuries

In addition to making sure your children are wearing bike helmets, the second major area of concern with cycling is road safety. Most experts agree that children shouldn’t be riding in traffic until, developmentally, they can handle such a complex task. Until a child hits about 12 years old, they’re not mentally capable of judging speed and distance to be able to be let out in traffic by themselves. But don’t let the warning against traffic lead you to assume that the sidewalk is completely safe. Serious collisions with motor vehicles can occur even on sidewalks. Here are some…
-Posted On December 4, 2009 In Bicycle Injuries-

Sentencing in road rage car versus bicyclists case delayed

We learned yesterday that the sentencing of Dr. Christopher Thompson, the man convicted of six felonies including assault with a deadly weapon—his car—after he seriously injured several bicyclists in Los Angeles’ Mandeville Canyon, has been delayed until January 8, 2010. While I am not happy about the delay, it does give us one more chance to remind fellow cyclists to join Dave Zabriskie’s letter writing campaign to ensure that Thompson gets the appropriate sentence. The maximum sentence is 10 years, but the judge could sentence Thompson to as little as probation. This is particularly possible because Thompson’s supporters have organized…
-Posted On November 29, 2009 In San Francisco Motorcycle Attorneys in the News-

San Francisco Attorney Claude Wyle of Choulos, Choulos & Wyle receives “Superb” rating

San Francisco, CA–Claude Armand Wyle, a partner with the renowned San Francisco personal injury law firm Choulos, Choulos & Wyle, has received a “Superb” rating from, based upon his experience, industry recognition and professional conduct. “This rating is very important to me,” said Mr. Wyle, “because is not a paid site. In other words, my rating is a result of my achievements, not the result of an ‘old boy’ network or paid advertisement.” Mr. Wyle is also impressed with Avvo’s new approach to ratings, which allows former clients to comment on their experiences. While not part of the…
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