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-Posted On September 21, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

How to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle where a driver cannot see. Because motorcycles are much smaller than the average car, it is very easy for a driver to miss a motorcyclist when he or she is traveling in these areas. As a result, serious accidents can occur. When you are riding a motorcycle in San Francisco, it is very important to be aware of other drivers’ blind spots. Here is how to avoid blind spot motorcycle accidents and protect yourself on the road. #1: Stay Out of the Blind Spot The best way to avoid blind spot motorcycle accidents…
-Posted On August 24, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

How to Deal with Insurance Companies After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you’ll likely file an insurance claim. California law allows motorcyclists to pursue these claims if someone else is responsible for their accident. To successfully recover compensation from an insurance policy, you will need to show that the policyholder caused your collision. Dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident can be complex and challenging. It is important to be careful whenever you engage with a company representative—anything that you say could have an impact on your future case. Do Not Speak with an Insurance Company Before Consulting a Lawyer When you are…
-Posted On August 22, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle rides can be some of the best ways to explore California. It is common for motorcyclists to invite their children to join them on their bikes and enjoy the open roads and highways throughout the state. When riding on a motorcycle, however, it is critical to be safe and follow applicable traffic laws. Although there is no age limit to ride on the back of a motorcycle, California does have strict safety requirements for child passengers. Does California Have an Age Limit for Motorcycle Passengers? There are no laws in California that restrict the age of motorcycle passengers. However,…
-Posted On July 9, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

What Questions Should I Ask My Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you are injured in a California motorcycle accident, you need a lawyer on your side. Many motorcyclists face scrutiny and other challenges when trying to hold a driver accountable for an accident. Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer helps protect your rights and interests during the claims process. When meeting with prospective attorneys, ask each lawyer the following questions. These questions can provide valuable insight into the attorney’s practice and help you find the right person to represent your case. Do You Specialize in Motorcycle Accident Cases? First, you should ask the attorney if he or she has experience representing…
-Posted On July 4, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Are Motorcyclists Required to Wear Helmets in California?

Motorcyclists are at risk of serious injuries in an accident. Because motorcycles lack the same protections as a motor vehicle, a rider can easily be thrown from his or her bike and suffer devastating and sometimes fatal damage. Wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of severe injury and death in a motorcycle accident. To ensure the safety of motorcyclists on the road, California requires anyone who rides on a motorcycle to wear a federally approved helmet. How Helmets Reduce the Risk of Severe Injury It’s no secret that helmets save lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and
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