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-Posted On July 4, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Are Motorcyclists Required to Wear Helmets in California?

Motorcyclists are at risk of serious injuries in an accident. Because motorcycles lack the same protections as a motor vehicle, a rider can easily be thrown from his or her bike and suffer devastating and sometimes fatal damage. Wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of severe injury and death in a motorcycle accident. To ensure the safety of motorcyclists on the road, California requires anyone who rides on a motorcycle to wear a federally approved helmet. How Helmets Reduce the Risk of Severe Injury It’s no secret that helmets save lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and
-Posted On June 20, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

If I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet During a Motorcycle Accident, Can I Still Be Compensated?

For motorcyclists, helmets can save lives. These devices protect the brain and skull from impact during a collision, reducing the risk of traumatic brain damage. In California, wearing a motorcycle helmet is not only important for safety—failure to wear one is also against the law. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and were not wearing a helmet at the time, you could struggle to recover compensation for your injuries. In these situations, it is important to work with a California motorcycle accident attorney who can defend your right to compensation. California Motorcycle Helmet Laws Many states don’t require…
-Posted On June 13, 2022 In Bikes and California Law-

California Electric Scooter Laws

Electric scooters are growing in popularity across California. These alternate modes of transportation provide a portable, cost-effective way to get around your city or town. However, electric scooters are subject to various rules and regulations, just like other vehicles. Here is what you need to know about California electric scooter laws, as defined by the California Vehicle Code. Electric Scooters Can Travel No Faster Than 15 Miles Per Hour According to California law, electric scooters are motorized vehicles that have two wheels, handlebars, and a floorboard. These vehicles cannot travel faster than 15 miles per hour. Driving over the speed…
-Posted On May 16, 2022 In Uncategorized-

Distracted Driving Laws in California and When You Can Be Pulled Over

When driving, it is important to pay attention to the road at all times. Simply checking your phone or even talking to a passenger in the vehicle can take your eyes off the act of driving. Only a few seconds of distracted driving can lead to an accident. In California, it is illegal to drive while distracted. There are several rules in place that discourage drivers from engaging in this dangerous behavior. If you are driving on California roads, it’s important to be aware of these laws so that you can avoid a ticket and an accident. What Is Distracted…
-Posted On May 9, 2022 In Car Accidents-

Who Pays for Medical Bills After a Car Accident in California?

Car accident injuries can be very severe. Broken bones, traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and many other forms of physical damage require extensive medical care end lengthy recovery times. If you were injured in California car accident, you may wonder how you can afford to pay these expenses. California is a fault insurance state, meaning that if someone else caused your accident, he or she is responsible for paying your damages. This includes medical bills. Common Injuries in California Car Accidents Motor vehicle collisions occur in California every year. Many of these accidents result in injury or death…
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