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-Posted On November 18, 2021 In Motorcycle Accidents,Motorcycle Community-

The California Rider Legal Review – Is Your Headlight Legal?

The California Rider Legal Review was created by Choulos Choulos and Wyle, L.L.P., motorcycle lawyers and life-long motorcycle riders, to help explain California motorcycle laws in a short and easy to understand way. Hopefully, by helping riders to better understand the law, we can reduce California motorcycle accidents and injuries.   California Law on Motorcycle Headlamps So, let’s talk about the California law on motorcycle headlamps, meaning the white light on the front of your motorcycle. Is a headlamp required? The short answer is YES, mostly. California Vehicle Code, Section 25650 says that every motorcycle during darkness shall have at…
-Posted On November 17, 2021 In Motorcycle Accidents-

The California Rider Legal Review – California Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Helmets are very important for motorcycle safety. Motorcyclists lack the same protections as a motor vehicle, and any collisions between the two can be catastrophic. As a result, motorcyclists need as much protection as they can, and helmets play a crucial role. Not only are helmets effective at preventing serious injuries after a collision—wearing a helmet is required under California motorcycle laws. Failure to wear a helmet could result in hefty fines and make it difficult to recover compensation after an accident. The Mandatory Helmet Law in California According to California Vehicle Code Section 27803, all motorcycle drivers and…
-Posted On October 18, 2021 In Truck Accident-

How Long Do Semi-Truck Accident Cases Last in California?

After a California truck accident, you may wonder how long you need to wait before you receive a settlement. These types of collisions often result in extensive property damage and very severe injuries, leading to significant financial hardship. In many cases, however, it can take several months to one or two years to reach a settlement in a truck accident claim. However, the length of your case will depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident. Legal Options for California Truck Accident Victims California is a fault car accident state, meaning that parties who are responsible for collisions must pay for…
-Posted On October 11, 2021 In Truck Accident-

Who Could Be Liable for a California Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can be catastrophic. A commercial truck is much larger and heavier than the average passenger car, and collisions between the two types of vehicles can lead to very severe injuries, significant property damage, and psychological trauma. California is a fault-based accident state. If you are injured in a San Francisco truck accident, you have the right to file a lawsuit or insurance claim against the person or entity responsible for the collision. However, multiple parties may be liable for your truck accident, depending on the cause and circumstances surrounding the crash. The Truck Driver In many accident…
-Posted On September 30, 2021 In Car Accidents-

Who is at Fault When a Mechanical Failure Causes a Car Accident?

Car accidents can happen for several reasons. In many cases, dangerous and negligent driving behavior causes these collisions, such as running a red light or driving over the speed limit. In others, poor weather, low visibility, and dangerous road hazards like potholes or loose gravel are contributing factors. Many car accidents occur due to mechanical failures, which may or may not be the fault of the driver. In some cases, you could file a lawsuit against an auto part manufacturer after an accident caused by defective mechanical parts. Understanding California’s Fault Insurance Laws California is a fault-based car accident state.…
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