How to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

-Posted On September 21, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle where a driver cannot see. Because motorcycles are much smaller than the average car, it is very easy for a driver to miss a motorcyclist when he or she is traveling in these areas. As a result, serious accidents can occur.

When you are riding a motorcycle in San Francisco, it is very important to be aware of other drivers’ blind spots. Here is how to avoid blind spot motorcycle accidents and protect yourself on the road.

#1: Stay Out of the Blind Spot

The best way to avoid blind spot motorcycle accidents is to keep out of vehicles’ blind spots. These areas can be different for every vehicle, but are usually located directly in front, behind, and on the sides of the car. Make sure to ride outside of these areas or to spend as little time in them as possible.

#2: Wear Bright Clothing

Increasing your visibility to drivers can help you avoid blind spot collisions. Try to wear bright, reflective, or light-colored clothing and gear whenever you ride your motorcycle. These colors will make you much more noticeable and protect you on the road.

#3: Practice Defensive Driving

When you are riding your motorcycle, you should be prepared for any unexpected events or dangerous driving behaviors. Always practice defensive driving and remain vigilant of the areas around you. Never assume that a driver can see you and be prepared to act in case a motorist makes a sudden movement.

#4: Leave Enough Space

In line with driving defensively, you should also ride well behind cars on the road. As a rule of thumb, motorcyclists should leave at least 20 feet of space between themselves and any other drivers. By leaving this much space, you have more time to react in case a driver acts dangerously.

#5: Pass Drivers Quickly

Passing vehicles can put you directly in their blind spots, so it is important to spend very little time in these areas. Lingering in the blind spot can heighten the risk of an accident. If you need to pass a vehicle, do so as quickly and as safely as possible.

What to Do If You Are Injured in a Blind Spot Motorcycle Accident

Blind spot motorcycle accidents can happen at any time, even to the most cautious riders. If you were injured in one of these collisions, it is important to keep yourself calm and seek medical care as soon as you possibly can.

Take the following steps after your accident:

  • Call 911 and report the accident to the police.
  • Go to the hospital or doctor. Save your medical records for future evidence.
  • Take pictures and videos of the accident, your injuries, and the area around the collision.
  • Ask any witnesses if they saw the accident and if you can have their contact information.
  • Exchange contact, insurance, and license details with the driver involved in the accident.
  • Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

After your collision, do not speak to any insurance representatives or the at-fault driver. Instead, contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. Your attorney will evaluate your case and help you take your first steps toward filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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