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-Posted On December 14, 2018 In Uncategorized-

San Francisco Pedestrian Attorney Sad to Report Female Pedestrian Died In Fatal San Francisco Hit And Run

A female pedestrian died earlier this month after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver in San Francisco, according to San Francisco police. The woman was crossing Bush Street when she was hit by a dark colored car. The driver did not stay at the scene and has not been found. Police say they currently have no suspects or witnesses to the event. Each and every week, our office receives calls or emails about terrible personal injuries suffered by motorcycle riders and bicycle riders and pedestrians, and even deaths, all caused by hit and run drivers. For most of these…
-Posted On September 21, 2018 In Serious Injuries-

San Francisco Bay Area And Northern California Disaster Claims: Earthquakes, Fires, and Floods

California has become increasingly notorious for our major catastrophes, including among other disasters, earthquakes , fires and floods. If disaster strikes, whether a person is covered by homeowner’s insurance or not, what many people don’t realize is that injury lawyers are often the best source of help. Whether you need help filing a claim for property damage or personal injuries arising from a disaster, or whether you need help seeking accountability from those responsible for a disaster, consulting with a San Francisco injury attorney is undoubtedly a great place to start. A San Francisco personal injury lawyer will be…
-Posted On September 14, 2018 In Personal Injuries-

Personal Injuries in San Francisco

Personal injuries can occur as a result of accidents. These could be car accidents, falling on someone else’s premises, or through the negligence of medical caregivers. Other causes of personal injuries are construction or factory accidents, sexual abuse, and injuries resulting from the use of defective products of a company. The Scope of Personal Injuries in San Francisco Car accidents are the most prevalent in San Francisco, due to the large demographic of the city’s residents who use bicycles and motorcycles. All these road users face the risk of injury following car accidents by reckless drivers. Driverless cars can…
-Posted On September 7, 2018 In Bicycle Accident-

Making Bicycling Safer Through Accountability: Bicycle Accident Attorneys in San Francisco, CA

Is bicycle riding inherently dangerous? I don’t think so. However, whenever there is a crash between a car or truck or bus and a bicycle rider, the cyclist is most likely to suffer grievous personal injuries. The San Francisco Bay Area and all of Northern California are great places to ride a mountain bike, a road bike or a cruiser or a hybrid bicycle, but the streets are too often congested with motor vehicles, whose drivers are distracted or who don’t know how to keep a proper lookout or how to  properly share the road with bicyclists. The vast majority…
-Posted On August 31, 2018 In Back and Neck Injuries-

Back and Neck Injuries in San Francisco

Injuries to the neck and back can result from car accidents. This is especially prevalent in San Francisco given that the city has many pedestrians and people using bicycles and motorcycles. As a result, most accidents happen to such road users who fall victim to reckless vehicle drivers. This causes severe injuries that affect the daily lives of many residents of the city. Neck and back injuries can be attributed to whiplash. This is the jerking motion that occurs when a moving vehicle slams into someone. The resultant force of inertia causes vigorous movement that seatbelts or other objects…
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